someone has broken the html chat

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someone has broken the html chat

it wasnt me

'wasn't me'

DuffWas you I can see you

but i cant write anything, its wasnt me

I don't care, I'm not allowed in during the day

Actually looks like Gaz90 broke it

GAZ 90 busted the chat MISS MISS gaz 90 busted the html chat

Duffmuck - stand in the cornerNo-one likes a tattletale!

it's fixed now (and i'm taking all the credit)

Ah yes ... tried that required bit of HTML from *Admin*.FX:Limps of towards lunch ...

There he is...... Get him, he broke it!

where has the link thing at the bottom of the page gone for the chat?I'm in office pal, does that mean I don't get it?

Oh look ... the limps better!FX:Starts running ...

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