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small no. plates

Do you get points fore a small no.plate only answer if you know for sure.:smoke: :smoke: :burnout: :burnout: :burnout:

Me mates sisters a copper and told him its 3 points.But if u grovel you might a telling off and sent on your merry way

After seeing a copper handing out tickets for small number plates in stratford, i can only assume its a fine, don't think they bother too much unless its one of these micro-scopic ones that wouldnt pass for a rulerPidge

It is NOT points!It's a fine - but I've never met anyone who has had one.Been stopped for small plate a few times. Only a mild telling off.I use small plate, black visor and race pipe and I wouldn't have any of them if they were endorsable.

no,no points's a construction and use offence,and only a minor one,you will get a fine,only a little one,possibly 30 quid,and a rectification order to take the bike to an MOT station to prove you've rectified the,bought a new,regulation sized plate,so fuck em,get a titchy one,with the wrong number on it and cover it in chain lube,i do!

It is indeed a non endorsable fixed penalty. therefore no points just a £30 fine...........But if your nice to the plod he may do you under the VDRS system (vehicle defect rectification system) which gives you 14 days to sort it at an MOT station. as wot zoot said. The NEFP tickets are white as opposed to the endorsable ones which carry £60 fine and 3 points, are yellow.The gospel according to Northumbria police's central ticket officeI thank you

everytime they sees you they get 30 quid, why would they want to give you points. The last thing they want is for you to stop. I think small plates look mildly cool, but the thought of contributing to one of governments seedy fund raising scheme is not so amusing.

Before I trim my plate what is the correct size?Sam

Never been stopped for mine, As long as you don't take the piss & get a stupidly small one I'm sure they'll let you off.

it's a hanging offence

They can fine you up to £1000 (if it went to court) and they might even remove the plate No (Which is a bastard when you've just forked ou t £2,000 on a private plate)

2 grand on a private plate then you want a good slap and you should thank someone for giving you it.Swot I think anyway

I bought a car for a couple of hundred quid and it had a private plate on it.B800OOYscraped the car and kept the plate!!Now I need at least a 550cc to put it on

Ooo can't help but post my bit as so many people have different views...The law sets stringent specifications for the display of registration marks: the construction and size of characters, the gaps between them and the margins around them (which therefore affect the overall size of the plate). For full details, you should refer to Schedule 2 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971 as amended, which applies to motorcycles, and Regulation 17 and Schedule 2 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971 (as amended), which applies to cars: available in your local library. It is an offence to alter, rearrange or misrepresent letters or numbers in order to form names or words: offenders are liable to a maximum fine of £1000.For full details and the legal sizes for plates goto

Go to the DVLA site they have all the leagl sizes

Grim wrote

For full details and the legal sizes for plates goto

Hun!!!According to these bods they state the following !!!"7.5in x 6.5in:This is the smallest plate size to be legal if you have a seven digit registration and there are no "1's" in the seven, a far more appealling size, and the images show well on it"Mine is bigger then that and I got done for it !!!

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