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Schuberth Experiences

I'm yet again being tempted by a Schuberth (either R1, S1 or C3)...

If anybody has any Schuberth experiences, good or bad, please post them here.

It looks like you could easily fit intercom speakers to the this the case?

It looks pretty difficult with the C2.


i have a s1,love it....very comfy, not heavy, and quiet, sun visor is good....well built, can't fault it. yes i'd have another

What size do you wear? And what size of other makes did you have before Schuberth?

hungry (not verified)

SCHUBERTHS 5TH was a favorite of mine.

Michael Schumacher wears one...Yeah, I know its hard to tell which  is Michael and which is the ball.

I brought a C3 last year. Initially I thought it was great until it rained and water was seeping inside the visor from the top of the helmet. I thought it may have been my fault by not closing the visor fully until it happened again 3 weeks later. I returned the helmet to Schuberth who replaced the visor & pinlok and supposedly sorted out the problem. 2 weeks after getting the helmet back the same problem happened again. I returned the helmet to Schuberth. There response was there is no fault as it was sorted out the first time. I am waiting on the return of the helmet next week. I personally think Schuberth after sales service is rubbish.

Used an S1 for years in the UK - comfortable and reasonably low noise.  Built in visor is a great feature but it in increases the shell size and weight.  Changed to Arai as I preferred a smaller/lighter lid.

v good helmet but I wonder if its worth the extra against the caburg I had before. Only niggle is hard point against my forhead couple of hard thumb presses should cure that not tried it in rain. New helmets are alway an unkown have to build up confidence did 300 miles in one hit day and night lands end trial including off road chose to use the old Caburg because-devil you know etc

I have 6 helmets of varying makes and have to say my C3 is the quietest of them all. Keep trying others but go back to it simply because it is les noisy. Much more pleasant long distance riding. Caberg do everything else we'll apart from this and having a slightly larger and heavier shell. My advice - if the C3 fits you won't be disappointed in it performance.

Still engaging in thumb pressing but improving

I had one, hated it, was to be my first proper lid since my old Arai Astro J, I found the Sun visor stopped short and the shell was so humungous (I wear a standard size L) that I looked like one of those bobble head characters or Darth Vader in space balls. I also found the Antifog coating was pretty pants, much prefer using a pinlock I'm almost tempted by the integral visor on the GT Air as I think its nice not to have to carry around a spare visor/sunglasses and reports suggest it's very quiet, which was my main reasoning for dropping the coin on the Schuberth

I had an S1 for a couple of years. I found it comfortable and quiet but don't agree with the previous poster - it is heavy but good balance and aerodynamics so you don't notice the weight once it's on. Good visor and sun visor, average ventilation. The only real problem I found was that no matter what I did, rain came down the inside of the visor. I've gone back to Shoei, if the Qwest had a sun visor it would be my 100% perfect helmet.

I wear glasses and their linings are too tight to comfortably wear specs or even get them on and off.

I use a Shark Speed R, great helmet and you can get different size cheek pads to suit different head shapes. Has a high point sharp test.

I have a C3. Seems very "plastic" somehow, visor leaks when it's not fully shut, pinlock doesn't quite fit properly - it touches the actual visor toward the top. Feels quite comfortable though. The bluetooth collar is excellent except for the inability to disable the auto-volume nonsense.

Had the S1 and S1 pro. Very

Had the S1 and S1 pro. Very quiet, the sun visor was a God send now taken up by other manufacturers. Good ventilation and stable at speed on the autobahn.
Only down side it's expensive and compared to the shark I have the periferal vision is poor.

I'd always used Arai until I

I'd always used Arai until I decided to try an S1. The bike is my main transport so lids are used every day.

The S1 fit loosened-off far too much after just a few months, the visor mech broke and the rubber visor seal wore out.

Dumped the Schuberth and went back to Arai

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