Rubbish thread about luggage probbably best you don't read it !

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Rubbish thread about luggage probbably best you don't read it !

Hi there!

Now I know I must be getting old as I feel the need/want for some hard luggage on my CBR6!!

I know they don't look great but I'm finding it a bit of a bind carrying my lid EVERYWHERE can anyone recommend some good luggage (If there is such a thing)
Or even tell me about which ones not to buy?

Are they really any good (Or do they get broken in to all the time?)

Any advice would be nice


BigEvilFish wrote

Any advice would be nice

That's an excellent idea you've got there. You might also want to think about panniers. You can get quite slim ones for Hondas these days - they're ideal for putting a slipper in each one. Also, Carnells are doing a special on clip-on pipe-holders for your meerschaum.Seriously, whether it will get broken into depends where you park it. In the car park at Box Hill for a couple of hours - no. Down a side street all day in London - oh, yes.

I live in London and have been using a top box on and off for 10 years, as well as a set of hard bags for a while. Never got broken into, although that might be because after looking at my bike, potential thieves realize that there can be nothing of value in there.

Yeah, I think if I saw a top box on your BM I'd be afriad that it had some sort of "attack toad" or similar small violent animal inside it...

Why did I read this?

i told you not too

boing Help me obi-one your my only hope

BEF,No your luggage dont get broken into. Take no notice of the nasty men who say anything about bad about hard luggage.I have a set of old Krauser K2's secondhand off a FJ1200, they are superb. paid less than I would have for soft luggage. Modern luggage is even better.Go for it. I can recomend a decent secondhand Set. Most arnt hard used and if they are the previous owner was a pipe and slippers kinda guy so there nearly always in good nick. Have a look out for some Givi boxes. MCN usually have loads. Kev

Ride did a test recently top was the Nonfango stuff from M and I think

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