Royal Enfield

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Royal Enfield

So you have a Royal Enfield motorcycle and want to give it some pampering and your own touch, these accessories will inspire you to do the right kind of thing.

Tank Pouch:

No you would ask why especially a tank pouch when there are much famous cousins to it, the saddle bags. You see, a tank pouch serves as a riders extension doing a ride, much like a helping pillion who you are worried to sleep during a ride. This makes a tank bag a more intimate trip related accessory on your motorcycle. You need to keep your phone close and safe, it goes in the tank pouch, that critical document that needs to be accessible at all times, that too goes to the tank pouch. Same holds true for your wallet, goggles and much much more. But then, there is a fine line between a really cool tank bag deign and something that’s just tacky from any angle you might see it.

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