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Rider Support Services.

Insurance renewal time once again and looking over my policy, I can save £25 if I don't take legal protection out.

I am a member of Rider Support Services but have never had to use them. Has anyone used them?

Is it worth ditching the legal protection and relying on them?

That would depend upon which side of the border Sir is domiciled. Recent experience suggests that RSS are unable to progress any action in the Scottish Courts.

have used RSS they are great but they won't represent you in court so I kept my legal cover (only £15 a year) HTH

I'm not sure legal protection is the same thing...or is it? Hmmm.Anyway I used RSS five years ago to help me get the Mercedes Panzer guy who donked me off my CBR to cough up out of his insurance after he first denied liability...he duly did cough up and I got £1500 quid in my pocket for my troubles too....

I've used RSS, they were great. I'd deffo use them again.My understanding was that you NEED to have legal protection on your insurance policy, and that's what RSS uses to clobber the SMIDYS.

I used RSS about 3 years ago, and they got me a good settlement. But- I got the feeling that they would not have been willing to go to court on my behalf as I had no legal expenses insurance.

greatI have used them twice,stay with themI gained over 12,000 bike repair and damagesI would not be without them

I used to work for an insurance company and to be honest, the Legal Protection didn't actually do half the things we claimed it did.Because of that I never buy it anymore. It seems to be a way for the companies to make some more money without the actual 'quoted' price of your insurance going up.Has anybody ever found the legal protection to be useful?

I have used NU's legal protection (I was insured 3PFT at the time) to take a bus company to court. The company settled in full (£3k ) one week before trial and I received the cheque about a month ago. In retrospect, there are some things they could have done better, but judging by the result and the process, I am satisfied.At the time of the accident, I also spoke to RSS because I only heard good things about them. However, they said that a rear-end shunt with no physical damage was not serious enough, and too clear cut a case, for them to get involved (i.e., "fuck off", but more nicely said). Fair enough. I'm still a member but I hope I won't have to deal with them ever then because that would mean I'm hurting somewhere I shouldn't

Has anyone got any up to date feedback on RSS, as the ones above are as old my granny!

What about what RSS take for them selfs?  

They are very good

They are very good solicitiors, got me 13 grand compensation back in 2012! Very good communication as well. Small company with personal approach, you always talk with your solicitor who knows the case.
I actually just started another claim with them today as i had a proper crash yesterday.
Definitely recommended!

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