R6 Down.......but not out!

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R6 Down.......but not out!

Well not being one to lie down and cry, i have armed myself with credit card and phone book and so far here is the progress

As far as the rebuild is concerned

Tank - Got (£75 - right colour and graphics)
Paint job(seat unit top+1 side fairing) - In hand (£250)
Top fairing (silver) - £40 (LUCKY as hell)
lights - £75 (ditto)
gear changer - £20
brake fliud resevoir -£15
fairing bracket - £130 (ouch)

All i need now is front indicators and some of the bolts to fit on the screen and a RH mirror

as i put it together, photos will go up at


in the Poorly R6 album,

hope to be back in around a month or so.

Oh yeah, i'm ok too now

Good on ya, Skidz.I looked at the piccies and I don't think I'd be as upbeat as you are if it'd been my bike.

haydn wrote

Good on ya, Skidz.I looked at the piccies and I don't think I'd be as upbeat as you are if it'd been my bike.

Wot the man said. Good on yer, Skidz

Did you get her on a frame jig???DO!!!!

Goes on friday for a checkup, my mech had a good look round yesterday and thinks it should be ok, but of course, better safe than sorry

SKidz wrote

better safe than sorry

Too right mate!best of luck.

Not a bridge but a 60mph Right hander, hit the graveli bounced but the bike didn'tnever mind shit happens........

doesnt look too bad - few cosmetics !! join the battered R6 club !! with me !!

Hard luck on the crash mate, but for the dedication you've shown towards the cause, I'm awarding you TIT#115B. Live fast, die when you can be arsed, and leave a, well in your case, a corpse

I am eternally grateful. Now i can join all the other TITs now Profile updated as such - Thanx!

New front resevoir fitted, brakes bled + working.Gear lever replacedonly 10 things to go

Good on ya mate, keep it up!:smoke:

And now the tank has been done, gotta wait for the spray shop and a fairing bracket now........

After 4 weeks in motorcycle oblivion and 980 of my very hard earned readies, The 6 is back on the Road, first test flight was today, WE ARE COOKING WITH GAS!!!!! Shame its started to 'fugging rain!! Roll on some sun!

Need a new back seat fairing myself !!! see any about, for like decent money ?

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