Not having a good year

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Not having a good year

van took me out yesterday - Oh my god, sorry mate - I didn't see you -

He was too busy looking the other way for a gap in the traffic so he could turn out in front of me -

SV is a write-off, wife ain't happy, and major plans have been steam-rollered.

Hope you are OK matie. Typical van drivers

Unlucky Lancs, get a beer in matey

hope your ok and the blind twat pays for the insewreance, still a bastid hassell you dont need thohey heres a tip : ware your walkman around the house on full tilt so you dont have to listen to your misses

Third time lucky Lancsman, all the best, eh up

magic_wand (not verified)

you aren't hurt & you'll get another bike.How long do you reckon before you are back on 2 wheels?

Bad luck M8

Try a different colour SV this time, you'll be able to answer the which colour SV is faster question then. Also invest in additional protection consisting of a large forward facing pole to mount on the fairing and change your nick from lancsman to lanceman.Better luck next time!

LANCSWhat a nightmare mate - at least u are ok though pal!!


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