My life's work is complete!

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My life's work is complete!

Some people aspire to greatness in the form of trophies, peer acknowledgement and wealth.

But I have attained the unattainable.

Over 4000 posts!!!!!!!!!! If my Dad could see me now?!?!?

Thank Christ he never knew how much time I killed in front of this stupid computer!!!!!


Bill, thats twice as much as admin !!!!!your not Steven Hawkins in disguise are you ?

Your round then methinks DB, Guinness please

Hmm we are all very proud of you. (?!)

Well done Bill - let us tower over the world of Visordown like the Posting Colossus's that we are!!!

Thats quite scary really Have you got square eyes yet??

FIVE thousand three hundred?????You're retired, right???

Someone else that posts twice as much crap as me!! LOL

and a red carpet unfurled for me at the Manchester Airport. I hope you have all been practising Canada's National Anthem. let's give it a try shall we...98 bottle so beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer...........

ahem! I think it might be time to review your life goals DB !oh and get out more Bloody well done thou'DBps sorry no red carpet at the airport m8 the scousers nicked it on an awayday!

I'll help you sort out that bottle of Tequila in celebration, shall I??Anyone'd think it had been winter over there recently!

you can stop now. ta.

4000 posts fookin hellToo much spare time I can tell.Your eyes and fingers must be sore,Bet you never get out the door.These dam puters take over your life Hope you have an understanding wife.Congratulations dirty billKeep em coming im sure you will.:burnout::burnout:

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