My first post - seeking advice please

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My first post - seeking advice please

OK chaps, looks like I'm getting back on a bike after 10 years of life as a car driver. The Mrs, at her tender age of 45 has taken up lessons and has bought herself a Yamaha R3 in readiness for the test pass. So I am under instruction to get myself sorted with 2 wheels, and therein lies the issue. What to buy?

I learnt to ride as a kid on a Cotton 175 trials bike (still love the right hand gearchange), my first road bike as a learner was a Suzuki X7, passed my test and bought a Kawasaki GPZ1100, then a 90's Triumph 1200, a Yamaha FJR1300 and most recently a Yamaha XJR1300 which I sold in 2007.

So, I'm not up to date with the bike scene, models, what's good etc and I really am struggling to find a bike I actually want to buy, hence asking for some suggestions / recommendations please.

I like:
Naked bikes
Shaft drive
Shed loads of torque
Bikes that don't weigh more than a London Bus.
Upright riding position.

I don't like:
Too much fairing. I prefer the wind, feels more like I'm riding and helps keep speeds down a bit.
Chain drive. Mess, maintenance and a ball ache I can easily live without.
Loud exhausts. Just not for me unless they are connected to a V12.
Monkey shagging a football riding position - too old for that.
Honda linked braking system.
Bobber style bikes, rat bikes or bitsa style. I know, picky.

So, what would be good? To be honest I would have another XJR1300 but looking to get as close as possible, just with a shaft drive. I find the FJ a bit too bulky and heavy so of the 2 I would still go for the XJ.

I'm not a big tourer, more pleasure riding at the weekends. Just something for a nice ride out, no track days and no behaving like the public roads are a race track.

What do you reckon then? Thanks in advance.


Kawasaki Z1000 or the Z800

Kawasaki Z1000 or the Z800 both relatively light weight and with plenty of get up and go when needed... down side is both are chain driven... shafties in this area are pretty much BMW...

Have a look here.

Hello good sir. Always good to see someone being enticed back to the biking world. Have a look below at the bikes. They are what i could find and they are all shaft driven naked bikes.

moto guzzi breva 1200 sport v4
bmw k1300r
bmw R nine T
bmw r1200s
bmw r1200r

Basically your best best is BMW or Moto Guzzi. If it were me and money was no option and i had to pick a shaft driven naked i'd go for the BMW R nine T or the R1200R , but each to their own.

Are you on a strict budget at all ? prefer newer over old ?

To add*

Just to say , the list i have given is only a fraction of what is out there. The list is just a starting point i suppose.

Moto Guzzi Griso

I recommend Moto Guzzi Griso. It is a naked bike, not overly heavy, decent sound, shaft drive and Italian charm :) and torque... loads of it ;)

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