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MCE insurance warning

After months of chasing and calling them over 20 times (including 6 calls where I was promised a call back and they did not materialise) they finally agreed that I had a valid claim when my bike was stolen. However, when they realised that I had an excess protect policy with them too and that they would have to pay back £850 rather than £75 they decided my claim was not valid. They didn't tell me this though. I only found out when the email (with details of how I would be paid) that they promised after they told me my claim was valid did not arrive and I once again called them.

I complained and received a letter telling me they would respond within 4 weeks. 5 weeks later (and no contact) they left me a voicemail asking if my complaint was 'resolved'. Which was odd as this was the first time they had contacted me after the complaint. I called them (as usual) and they told me they were not interested in resolving my complaint and would not be discussing the matter further. They refused to say why they now thought my claim was invalid.
I am currently deciding whether to pursue them through the courts or via the obudsman.

They are nothing more than immoral cowards who should be shut down. I had filed a complaint with the FCA separately and hope more people do.

Yes I filed a complaint with the FCA about this company too.  They have tried every trick in the book to get out of paying my claim (this was in July and I've still to see a single penny).  Like you they have said my claim is valid, but can never get hold of them on the phone and they simply don't respond to e-mails.  They lost my sons bike for 6 weeks and I have been trying to get compensation for the time he had to pay for train fares unnecessarily - took to the Ombudsman and the response they received from MCE is that the complaint was made against MCE Insurance Company Limited and not MCE Insurance Limited (I don't recollect them ever referring to themselves as anything other than MCE Insurance) and so they have said I will have to start this over again.  They hide behind legal technicalities and as I said try every trick in the book to not pay up - they are the very worst kind of criminals because they steal from you 'legally'.  I've never had an issue with an insurance company before this one, they seem to treat every claim as a fight (regardless of the fact that over 2 years the premiums paid to them have been more than they are offering as settlement). I would say to anybody - do not use this company EVER unless you're 100% certain you will never need to claim because they will wear you down until you feel too depressed to carry on and then they will have 'won'

I agree totally.  Same complaint. Not only do they not pay out on indisputably valid claim, but you can't even contact them.  Hours listening to their inane music and "your call is important to us, please hold" recordings. Takes weeks to get a useless, uninformative, reply to emails, I even wrote a letter, guess what, no reply. They are very good and efficient at taking your premiums but that is as far as their service extends. Do not go near them they are complete ....ers!    

I totally agree - currently trying to get confirmation I do not have BTE with them as I can only use Fletcher's solicitors and no other. Furthermore, they intimate they do not correspond between departments - I find this very hard to believe - are they using tom tom drums instead of computers, especially when requesting confirmation of reason why they will not refund 4 months premiums, so I may recoup my out of pocket losses from the TPI - I will be pursuing them for the grand sum of £152.00 plus out of pocket losses - ie telephone calls, time and letters at the litigant in person rate. I have to say they are potentially the most inept insurance company I have ever dealt with - most definitely not professional and not worth the discounted premium in the long run. On purchase of my new bike - this is one group I will avoid at all costs - bearing in mind I am the injured party - not using any of their facilities, I dread to think what type of service I would receive if I was the offending party - bet they would then communicate with time limits..

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