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Had to polish out unfinished welds. No fitting instructions are supplied + wrong parts sent. Aptitude and attitude very disappointing. Can't say that I'd recommend them to anyone.
There are no pictures on the MTC website that show anything but a perfect product. No sign of any flaws or dirty welded seams.
The end can that I received did not, in my opinion, match the quality of the end cans pictured on the website.
I called to make an enquiry and was passed on to Martin. (The Boss?)
The abbreviated conversation,....
I asked what the marks were on the welded seam and why it was not polished like the rest of the end can?
I was told,.. That's what a seam weld looks like. Every manufacturer in the world leaves the seam weld like that, unpolished.
I disagreed. I have never seen a new end can look like this. Why would you leave it in a dirty state? (It doesn't just rub off)
I was told that the marks can be polished out using autosol and that it could be done in the workshop in 2 minutes.
I asked why, if it only would take 2 minutes, the marks would not be polished out during the manufacturing process. Why would you choose to send out a product unfinished?
In MTC's opinion, the end can was not unfinished and as the seam was on the bottom of the end can, it would not be seen, so didn't matter.
I stated that it is in fact the only part of the end can that is easily visible. The top and sides are covered, but as it is a high level exhaust, the bottom can be seen. Does it matter if it can't be seen?
The reply was barked,... Send it back to me, I'll polish the marks out and I'll send it back to you again.
The weld marks on the end can were inconsistent, suggesting that maybe too much heat was being put into the metal in places. Surely it should be uniform along the entire length of the weld?
We never got to this part, the conversation was going nowhere. I bailed out and sorted it myself.
As I stated in writing to MTC, this first begrudging offer was not accepted as I did not feel that I should have to pay to return the end can and waste more time waiting for it to come back.
The condescending reply, hours later, after I had polished the marks out on the end can, (it took me a lot longer than 2 minutes) offered free return. Too late.
For me, MTC's lack of attention to detail was obvious. For me, the devil is in the detail and I see the end can as unfinished. I could not put it on my bike in this state, seen or unseen. I regarded my enquiry as valid, my criticism valid, my opinion valid and their response to be angry, condescending and unprofessional.

More grief followed,....

On fitting the end can -
I am an apprentice trained engineer. A skilled toolmaker for many years, I have also built Aston Martin engines & hand crafted specialist carbon fibre parts for formula one, to name just a few jobs. (mentioned just so that you know I'm capable)
As I've fitted end cans before and have a long mechanical engineering background, I was not daunted by the fact that no instructions are sent. I fitted the end can with the parts supplied in the box. When trying to replace the exhaust shield, I noticed that it could not be used with the supplied M8 bolt and aluminium spacer, so I tried fixing the end can with the special original equipment M10 exhaust bolt. The heat shield now fitted, but now the end can was touching the subframe? I looked at the pictures of the XT1200 on the MTC website and it showed the end can fitted with the original equipment exhaust bolt and shield. I noticed that the flat on the exhaust strap looked to be twice the length of the one supplied to me. This, I thought, may be the reason why neither set up worked with the parts that were supplied? I was right. The end can had been sent dirty and unfinished (in my opinion) without instructions and with the wrong parts. In the end I had to wait for the right parts to be supplied, then I fitted the end can for a third time.

I found their aptitude to be as disappointing as their attitude. They do not respond well to criticism.

Since leaving MTC critical feedback, some malicious happenings concerning a misuse of personal information have occured, it may be unrelated, but I have reported the issue & sought advice from ebay, trading standards and the police concerning the matter. I can't say anymore, but I intend to get to the bottom of things.

Wow, that id really

Wow, that id really interesting news i think!

Max Torque Cans reply

As a business who prides itself on excellent customer service, it is important that we respond to this negative and unfair feedback so that customers can see that Max Torque Cans always has customer satisfaction as a high priority.

Firstly thank you for now posting under a true name that we recognise as a customer who we have dealt with, as previously stated the original name you posted under was not a recognised customer.
You did indeed purchase an exhaust from us. On receipt of your exhaust you contacted to express your disappointment that the welded seam had not been polished. It was explained to you that we never polish the welded seam as in our professional opinion the weld would never achieve the mirrored finish of the stainless steel and the weld was clean and neat and in our opinion, the finish was exactly as it should be.
We explained that in our 17 years of trading you were in fact the first customer to complain about this but we acknowledged your disappointment and offered to polish the seam if you returned the exhaust to us. You declined this offer and stated you would sort the polish yourself. However you still vented your disappointment and so in order to try to further rectify the situation we offered to send a courier to collect the exhaust from you, at your convenience, and issue you with a full refund. This offer was also rejected by you.
It was at this point we could do no more for you as you had refused every option that we had offered.

Yes, we do not supply fitting instructions with each exhaust, but we have manufactured and sent thousands of exhausts and fitting instructions are not routinely required by our customers. If on occasion we have had a customer who has had difficulty fitting their exhaust we have always been available to talk them through any problems that they have had.
Yes, we unfortunately sent the wrong strap to you as we are only human and occasionally human error does occur. We make, pack and send many exhausts every week and on occasion we may make a mistake. What you failed to include in your feedback however was that when you brought this to our attention we apologised and sent you the correct strap straight away.

Max Torque Cans believes we did everything possible to try and rectify the customer dissatisfaction that you expressed. We could do no more than offer collection and a full refund. So based on this we are disappointed that you have taken to the internet to give 1 star negative feedback that does not give a true reflection of the situation as anyone reading it would not be blamed if they thought that we had made no attempts to resolve the situation based on the facts that you have supplied.

As a customer you are of course entitled to share your thoughts about our product and customer service but as the manufacturer we are also entitled to defend our customer service and to give a full account of the issue so that any other customers reading our reviews can make opinions based on the true facts.

We will not be making any further response to this review but we would like to highlight where you have asked people to look at the negative review on our eBay shop. We also encourage people to do so as they will find that there is only 1 and this is in fact written by you and therefore still does not reflect our products and customer service.

Max Torque Cans

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