K#*king W@#*ers

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K#*king W@#*ers

Some toe rags broke in to me garage on tuesday morning, about 2am.if it weren't 4 me cats waking me up and not shutting up they would have got away with me babe. They done the off when I put the light on, but they had managed 2 get the door open. Its gona take me a good 3/4 of an hour to get her out now with all the locks i've put on.

had the bedroom windows open woke up for no reason, then I thought I could her someone wispering,tried 2 creep down stairs, being half asleep and no lights on went arse over elbow, by the time the time I got out there a van was going at a fair lick out of my street. Might have been somone dropping someone off?Being half a sleep and in my hast 2 get out there, there i am bollock naked at my front gate , lucky it was 4am, didn't want 2 frighten the nieghbours.

Sit in the garage with a mate and when they open the door batter the cunts with a bat.Fucking scum..........

I agree with you throttlejockey Batter the bastids

I've studied Ving Chung Kung Fu 4 a long time and if i had caught them breaking in the red mist would have come down and I bet they would have pressed charges.(bit hard to tell anyone when u've got a broke jaw and 2 broken hands) Still Iwould have got me monies worth

I know a bit of Chicken Tikka Masala.But it gives me the trots

batter the fuggin w*nkers so much that they go comatose and drag em out into the street. with a bit of luck when they wake up in plaster in about 6 weeks time they will have no recollocection of you or your bike Alternatively fit one of them cheap car alarms to yor garage (one with an infra red detector). Get a transformer and power itoff the mains. The blipper will disable it from outide the garage but hey presto if some wanker opens the door the WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all hell breaks loose. You could put pin switches on the door for added security.Or wire the grage door handle up to mains and go on holiday for a week

Kill the bastards, you must have one hell of a bike for them to keep coming back! Best gargae alarm I have seen (and its cheap), consists of a trip wire a piece of angle and a blank shot gun cartridge. That will wake up the whole neighbourhood!

Zaphod.Do what I did when I had the same problem, get a baby alarm (Tomy ones are the best) about £25.It works...nuff said.

Big Nige wrote

Zaphod.Do what I did when I had the same problem, get a baby alarm (Tomy ones are the best) about 25.It works...nuff said.

Can you get a cot big enough for the bike then ???

Just this week I got a mate who is a welder to make me a ground anchor out of some scrap metal, bought some security bolts and some industrial strength glue, the total cost was about £15. a lot cheaper that the ones sold in the shops.

Why not be really especially cautious and put your Babe in the house? Got to be a way to get her in there even witha flight of steps etc. Id do anything to keep my bike safe from Pillocks with no respect for other peoples property.

Mate,I agree with everyone's opinion on kicking f##k out of the b@$^@£ds. However, a little time spend training to become a 'Jedi Knight' and therefore becoming 'well-hard' would work wonders. A simple trip wire consisting of a few empty bean cans around your garden to alert you of intruders at night and you could comfortably take out both of the thieving scum from the comfort of your own bed using only 'the force'.Alternatively, on confronting these c**ts use the old 'jedi mind trick' to make them run-off down the street and nick that bloody max-power nova which has no exhaust and speakers the size of fridges.I'll get me coat.

Away for 5 minutes and look what happens!!!

Show them a shooter ...

Buy a F@cking big dog and stick him in the garage overnight with a little heater and a chewy toy!

Try this , by the way I don't know whether or not its legal, or how it works, but it sounds an excellent idea to me !!Set a trip wire across the door, attatched to some sort of mechanism that fires a blank shotgun cartraige when triggered, that should scare them off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I met a Welsh lad At the MCN spring spectacular and this was his claimed theft detterant !!!!!!!!!

Tank wrote

Buy a F@cking big dog and stick him in the garage overnight with a little heater and a chewy toy!

had one, it did noughing but wine and bitch, I couldn't go out and leave her because she'd make such fuss we're now divorced

Fuggit try all the above.

If it's any help....try Julian at Peak M/c's Security on 0116 247 8434. They do the aforementioned 12 bore alarm mine kit for about 20 quid all in! you get about 5 blanck cartriges.also try screwfix.com and get a pir alarm ref no. 5259. for £18.99.This little gem is excellent...batts or mains, 2 remotes and door sensor....and very loud.

Reading this I'm thinking about getting one of those IR detector lamps and putting it inside my garage. Would probably be worth trying to wire it up to several lights round the house as well. That way it would only go off is someone was making a serious attempt to get in. Another thought that occurred but rather more costly would be to get a small webcam type jobbie and stick it pointing at the likely point of entry or the bike. You'd need it to be motion sensing as well. This wouldn't do much to stop them taking it but might produce good evidence? especialy if lit by a 200w Halogen floodlight rigged up for the purpose.Side thought, do people think a small MIG welder could make a strong enough weld for the mere mortal to make a DIY ground anchor?

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