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Isle of Man museum / Bert Fruin

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Isle of Man museum / Bert Fruin

I'm researching some family history and Bert Fruin was my uncle. When I was a boy I spent many happy hours in his workshop (in the 50s and early 60s) when he was designing and building racing bikes. One of which was the 'Fruin Dartella' but he also built bigger bikes as well.

I know that 2 of them ended up in the Isle of Man museum, and following the closure of the museum I'm wondering what ever happend to the bikes - were they given to another collection or sold off?

If anyone has any idea I'd be intrigued to know!

There was a Bert Fruin who had a Motorcycle shop Pield heath Road, Hillingdon in the  mid to late fifties. I did visit the shop once or twice.

Yes, that was my uncle's shop - actually it was a bicycle shop and repair shop, he worked on his motorbikes in a workshop at the side of the shop. I did find out that one of his bikes had been restored and was up for auction at Bonhams fairly recently, although I don't think it sold. As it happens I'm clearing out a family loft at the moment and I've found quite a few photos of him riding in the TT and of his bikes.

    peter murray opened a new museum at santon i o m and still has the two bikes.  

For Researcher - reply to your entry 21/09/2012 - VERY IMPORTANT I am writing a book on the history of 50cc Motor cycle racing in the 1960's, and am very interested to talk to you about the photos of Bert riding in the TT, and of his bikes - hoping perhaps to include them in the book. My name is Ernie Crust, and I am in the Northeast of England. My contact details are; 01642 287164. I hope you don't mind me contacting you, and apologise that I don't know your name. Looking forward to talking to you. The email is a friends, who emails for me as my computer is off at the moment, but the phone is mine. Regards, Ernie Crust

H L Fruin according to the iom tt database he competed in the 1954,55,56,57,58,59,62,63 races.The only race he finished in was the 62 race which he came 25th..peter murray  who has the museum in the isle of man  told me  he now only   has one fruin special a 125 fruin dartella.

Ron - thanks, that's interesting to know... I know that some of the collection from the other museum was up for sale  -I saw Bert's bikes advertised... Ernie - I'll contact you in at the weekend...

Hi, as an avid local history buff I came across a rather interesting article in a local book "Armadale to Aquila" a history of vehicle manufacturers in Hillingdon, by Tony Beadle "IBSN 978-0-9566538-0-2", with a short history of Bert Fruin motorcycles(3 Pages), I would be very interested if you have any photographs of the shop in Pield Heath Road itself, as the present owner a local vet and friend would be very interested in seeing them, I can let you have copies of the pages but I am not sure of copywrite laws,should you be able to help you can contact me on duffy1944", also noted on net search that there are still bikes out there serach on bonham or Bert Fruin and some interesting facts can be found.

Hello researcher, do you know Ken munroe?

Hi Derek, my mother was a Munroe (she had 7 brothers and 2 sisters, one (my aunty Kit) was married to Bert Fruin), My Uncle Jack Munroe had 2 sons - Eric and Ken - both of whom have passed away. Are you by any chance related to us?

Hi Researcher In 1965 our neighbour Bert Munroe took me to Bert Fruins workshop to get some advice on a motorbike I was having trouble with.  I can remember there were several race bikes in there and various wooden patterns and castings. I am not sure of their relationship – I thought they were brothers in law. Mike Gardner  

There was a Bert Fruin who had a Motorcycle shop Pield heath Road, Hillingdon in the  mid to late fifties. I did visit the shop once or twice.    

Hi researcher, I'm Ken munroe oldest son, ( Ken is not dead) auntie kit was my great auntie, obvIsley we are related. My dad remembers working in the shop, he used to do the bicycles in the shop for the midwives. unfortuanly we have lost touch with some of the family, if you would like to get in touch, let me know I can send you a phone number for me or Ken. Please get in touch thank you.

Hi Researcher, I am new to

Hi Researcher, I am new to the forum and have seen your post. I have a site for Classic 50cc racer and wrote ba page on Bert. If it will help the address is

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