How many did you spot ?

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How many did you spot ?

It had to happen with the sun coming out:

I saw about 6 or 7 people riding r1\fireplace\ninja's in shorts and t shirts(2 of them 2 up with vests) and they werent just riding up the high street i saw two blasting along the buzzard road(fast and twisty)

Still if they enjoy gravel rash thats up to them.....

The other funny one i saw was some old fool in poweranger outfit
wobbling on a fireplace it was so funny to watch as he completely f8cked up nearly every corner after a while of following and wetting myself with laughter i decided to take him out on the Cornet i gave him a friendly wave as i past him but he didnt wave back he he

How many knobends did u spot this weekend?

We spotted loads of the nobs in London. When some silly old fart knocks em off, they'll wish they had put thier full kit on. Remember that old saying" You can only lead a horse to water"

I saw loads of slow riders wobbling all over the place on Fazers, Hornets and Bandits.

I forgot to say as well some of the "idiots" in shorts and t shirts were wearing proper bike gloves????oh well i suppose they can still write a letter even if they have no skin on the rest of there bodysWhat is that all about?

More, than i care to mention. the sun obviously does funny things to peoples head's !!!!!!!!!

Leighton Buzzard ring road on Saturday.Bloke in shirt (flapping all the way up his back), shorts and sandals.Exorcist, what colour is your Cornet? Sounds like you live near to me so I'll look out for you.Mine's blue in case you didn't know

Orb the Impaler wrote

I saw loads of slow riders wobbling all over the place on Fazers, Hornets and Bandits.

you don't live near me too do ya?Wobbling on a Hornet is my speciality )

Saturday afternoon I saw quite a few,One in particular was on an R1 !!!!!Vest top, shorts & trainers, trainers were fashionably left undone, shoe laces were flapping! He'll loose all the skin on his feet if he came off - painful!!!!

Rita its a 99 candy blazing red( i think thats the name of the colour scheme)

I spotted lots of idiots in full power ranger outfits riding like complete tw*ts. I'd prefer if they'd wear shorts and transfer what little common sense they have into their riding instead of "safety equipment".

Cool.I shall wave frantically at any Red Hornets I see around then. Wave back if you're not too embarrassed

About 10 - some with shorts only & some with a mixture of minimum clothes ... THE PAIN!

CBRchick wrote

Saturday afternoon I saw quite a few,One in particular was on an R1 !!!!!Vest top, shorts & trainers, trainers were fashionably left undone, shoe laces were flapping! He'll loose all the skin on his feet if he came off - painful!!!!

True but think how funny it'll be when they come to a stop at lights and try to put a foot down only to find the fashionably undone laces have got wrapped round the pegs.....T-I-M-B-E-R-!

I still cant work out the wearing of motorbike gloves with the shorts and t shirt ???Do they think they can magically do a handstand\somersault and land on there feet when they come off??I just think back to falling off a push bike and cutting my knee open when i was a nipper that was painfull enough!!tarmac surfing at 50\60\70 mph just try and imagine the pain as the nice nurses remove road debris from your wounds(that is if theres any skin left!)

... this guy:Football strip;R6;Pissed ie. DRUNKSmall roundabout at end of private road;Showing off to several young children and their equally drunk parents.I'm amazed he didn't drop it.I don't think you'll see this, but if you do, you know who you are. And I know you're a w@nker of the 1st order.

Let's get something straight here. If they fall off at anything over 30mph, wearing no protection, it is very possible indeed that death may occur through plasma loss and shock.Yes, I've worn T shirts on a bike and no, I won't be doing it again.

Know what you mean Exorcist, but I'm always amazed to see bikers in full kit and NO gloves. Hands are usually the first things to go down and you can easily lose a finger.If you are wearing the rest, why not the gloves?Have to confess to sometimes riding in jeans and T shirt (I know, I know) on the hottest days of summer, but I'd always wear gloves.

I know what you meaqn Rita if i blast to the shops ill wear jeans\jacket\trainers gloves and have the jacket undone if its hot.When i was 17\18 i used to ride in tshirt etc as i felt i was indestructable dont we allI think back to it now and im glad im in one piece still.

THE most vital thing after yer lid. Had too many pushbike offs where, IMHO, gloves are even mpre important than a helmet, not to wear them.Not guilty of riding in t-shirts in this country, I'll always wear a jacket - but I do ride regularly to and frm the gym (it's about a mile), or into town (about the same) fairly thinly clothed. And I've ridden on hoiday in very little, really rather silly but if I'm going on a beach holiday I'm not lugging leathers around.There ya go - you pays yer money and takes yer chances.....

Yep....I too saw a few t@ssers in shorts and t-shirt...In fact one R6 rider wasnt even wearing a T-shirt!! Also saw an R1 rider two up with small child on back wearing sandals and T-shirt/shorts and no gloves!! Was only going slow through village but still.......If i see u mate I will have words!! Dont care how careful u think u are!! A few others in T-shirt and jeans.....Do they not realise how much pain a bee causes at 70mph!!! chriiiiiisssstttttttThats my moan over.I will stick to my power rangers outfits......even if it was about 26degrees..!!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that all scooter riders are idiots, but there are a load of chimps in London.One prat nearly took me out on a roundabout the other day, they ride them like they're on a push bike - no mirrors, no signals.Grrrrrrrrr

Each to thier own i suppose. Still i'm sure most of us would like to see all these people in protective gear. But we cant expect it all.

More to the point, how many of these summer mayflies did the casualty depratment see. 3 riders killed around here in the last week. Seems to me that even properly kitted up, there's a lot of ways to get wiped out so why make yourself more vulnerable than need be?

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