Hey ben this is doing me head in

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Hey ben this is doing me head in

How do i get the last post posted (as it were) up on top as i have tried clicking last post in reverse order etc etc and i just get ricey@r6 on your New section post at top but others have posted after this if you get my meaning...

I know this should be in the Oi admin section but what the hell

Piston, you up for an ale? Will be anywhere from Manchester to Maidenhead from May 20-June 3.

would not miss it for the world let me know when and where in the southern region and i will meet you for said beer!!!!

OK now???

96 version so i am up and about shod with 010 tyres i can take on the world right now blondie...How are you?

LOL Piston i will have a look for you matestill on the leesh ?

Gets shorter and shorter, Wheres the fun in mariage eh? eh?I ask you

im not gonna get married not ever !but dont hold me to that have a look at the attached image mate thats how it should be to display it in the way i think you want.Ben

But your thread New section is still at the top with last post at 5:45 however haydn post at 5:58 is third down so not sure what is ahpening there don't worry to much about it ben i have still got ot get uesed to it so bare with me...

"marriage isn't a word.. it's a sentence"Do you know that marriage is punishment for shop-lifting in some countries?? LIVE IN SIN!! It's so much more fun!

ahh mate my thread is at the top as i can make themSTICKYthis means they stay at the top even though they dont have any new replies.Its a feature very handy for billy's like me

is Ann Widecome married. If she is i feel sick :burp:

you old dog!howzit mate!...good to see you've not left us...up for a blast one nite after w*rk?(along with the rest of the St.Evanage crew....)

And i'll be there!!!!

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