HELP! Lost all my data!!!

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HELP! Lost all my data!!!

I was using Partition Magic 8.0 to redistribute the space on my HDD. It seems something may have gone wrong.

I had a Linux partition (which I wanted to remove altogether) a Win 98SE partition (which contained most of my mess-about stuff and personal dox) and a W2K Pro partition which is for work.

...the problem is that the vast majority of my disk (which was the Win 98SE area) has now become unbootable / readable / writeable. In FDisk it shows up as "non-DOS partition".

Is there any way of reinstating the disk header so that it become writeable again, or will I have to format the disk? clue what to do with it at the moment (altho I have managed to boot the PC using W2K and am now back on broadband.....

Any help would be much appreciated, PC people.