Few questions about tax, insurance and bike laws

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Few questions about tax, insurance and bike laws


First, sorry but I didnt know where to post this...

I was just looking up about tax and insurance, haven't had a bike for a while so wanted to check for changes.

I just bought a bike a few days ago, I was hoping someone could make this clear for me please.

Insurance - Does the bike have to have insurance even if it is just sitting in a private car park and not being used?

Tax - I should be getting insurance soon anyway, How quickly can the SORN be changed to taxed?
I just seen a letter for my car, I didnt have it on SORN for 2 months ) when the law changed requiring SORN - I paid the back tax but there was also an £80 fine - How long do I have to get a SORN or taxed before I can get a fine for the bike?

Using a private car park - Where I live has a pretty big car park, a lot of space, what way does the law work if I was going to use it just to get used to the bike before I get everything sorted to go on the public roads?

Thanks very much!