Do you recognise this old B&W film?

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Do you recognise this old B&W film?

Hi All,

Any film buffs/experts on here? We are trying to find out a title to an old film and its doing everyones brains in here!
Its an old B&W film. Famous actor in it whose name none of us can remember

The film starts and he is in a sanatorium. He has lost hes memory cos of some injury. Just found wandering round a battlefield. The call him the Captain cos hes well educated and was found wearing torn battledress, etc. But no one knows who he is.

He meets a girl in a local shop. They end up marrying. He becomes a writer and gets an article published. he goes to Liverpool to see the publisher. On the way he is run over and sustains a blow to the head.

He now wakes up and remembers he old life and not hes new one.So he has no idea what the hell he is doing in Liverpool. He heads for the family home. he arrives as his father is being buried and inherits the family business, he builds this from strength to strength. hes old wife sees hes picture in the paper and gets a job as hes secretary as her Doctor says jogging hes memory could have traumatic effects.

I'll stop here cos if you dont recognise it from that you clearly dont know the film. If you do what the hell is it callled and who was the actor????

Many thanks