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Dirty visor

My first visit to the forum here but I have been looking for an answer to this for a while.
I have a question for the Visordown community, what is the best way to clean your visor on the move in winter ? Most people I know just hang up their helmets for the winter and hermetically seal up their bikes in bubble tents but that's not an option for me. I had to use a motorway one time in mid winter when the road was damp, the spray from other vehicles caused a visor blackout in minutes and the visor wipe fitted to my glove was useless against the drying filth. I was also concerned about grinding the crap into my visor and causing long term damage. I always avoid motorways during those conditions now, does anyone have a remedy ? Is a small screen any use or would that just make it worse ?

Now on a fully faired bike so

Now on a fully faired bike so I don't need to do this now but in the days of my old in-faired Z750 I had two tricks. First one was a wet piece of towel that was tucked into the handle bars, quick (gentle) wipe as required cleared visor without causing damage, would always take into services to rinse and re-soak on long runs. Second was a small squirt bottle filled with just water hung on loose string round neck, used a bit like a cars windscreen washer, spray on as needed and move head side to side to clear, worked quite well

I've kept a small pack of

I've kept a small pack of computer screen wet wipes in the compartment under the seat. Quick, cleans bugs & grease and non smear

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