clean licence = points magnet. Discuss

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clean licence = points magnet. Discuss

I finally managed to get a clean licence, for the first time since I was 16 - that's 25 years of endorsements.

Yes, you know what happened next.

only 3 months later....

I got laser trapped from the back of an unmarked transit van down my own street doing 40mph in a 30 limit on the GSX-R1000K

Fek, shite, Balls and Buggah!

At least they didn't get me when I was testing it's top speed along my local friendly 3 mile straight, no side turnings, no traffic - (indicated 186mph)

The wife reminded me that 3 points were due to be taken off my license at the end of the month , So jokingly i said "bout time i got some more then" day i decided to take a trip down to london to see my bro, M11,blue lights, 88 mph, 3 points , £40 fine.........bollox

Best I keep quiet on the subject then :burnout:

Clean license since the start thank you!!You lot should learn not to get caught!Or learn to flutter your eyelashes!!!!

I know this is tempting fate - but I've had a clean licence since 1985. Only been caught for speeding twice - in 1972 and 1982 - both in a cage. Only started biking in 1999, so I guess my record is at risk.

My licence is squeaky clean as well - must be a girl thing!!

I must be a big girl too then. No points on my license, must be due for a 3 pointer though

I guess I should keep quiet too <G> Just one three pointer in 800k miles, back in around 85 for 50 in a 40! Took 'em a roadblock 8 miles down the road to stop me - after a bit of filtering I didn't even know I was being chased I was that far ahead <G>

If you do girly mileage at girly speeds then it's no surprise that you don't get points.On the other hand if you spend 15 years as a despatch rider and 6 years as a bike journo, and rack up over a million miles on bikes alone (add a few hundred thou in white vans) then you're going to get the odd tug aren't you???But in all those years I've never been done for anything except CU (faulty rear wheel spokes on a moped!) 3pts, and countless speeders, including 2 x 120mph.Despite racking up 16 points on one occasion I've never been banned, those female maturer's on the bench are just so easy to sweet talk...So how come soozooks gets a £40 fine and I get a £60?? Bastids.

Sayin' f*ck allGot busted on a d/d charge when I was 17. That's some 19 years ago now. 6 points in two days some 7 years ago but FA since I passed my bike test 3 years ago.<holding on to a big slab of wood atm> It is coming though cos I ride like a twat these daysZee

Mine's clean too! Feck knows how I manage it, especially with my wheelieing past the coppers antics last night. How on earth did I miss the largest gang of motorcycle coppers ever? Luckily they were only interested in anarchists!

is all you'll get from them

Big slap comes your way!!!Wots girly miles at girly speeds all about?My bike does 130mph & I've done 6,000 miles on it which is more than a lot of weekend riders do.Still if i have to get classified as a girly rider to get no points & v cheap insurance then so be it.

you have something hereI had 12 points (15 for a ban in HK) and after 2 years back to zero, a week later I got 8 for 130 in a 50 (kph I should add 6am in a country park, nobody around for miles. Im not a total tit)I think the twats that be have an auto pop up on the PC "this revenue maker hasnt been knicked for a while...... grab him"

Girly mileage eh? <G>After 16 years as a courier myself, I'm not going to rise to the bait

Yes, CBRchick bit hard... ho hoBut she didn't say how long it took her to do 6,000miles?That's about a month's riding for a Despatcher..

I'd had a clean license for 5 years ... the rozzer almost popped his cock giving me 3 points.They used to play snooker, using the car colours ... guess virgins must count for a shit load of points?

0 points, been driving for 8 years, biking for 1Stopeed for speeding 3 times (let off each time), stopped once for running somebody over - producerLucky I guess - if you read my thread bout the last time I got pulled you'll appreciate that I was looking at an automatic ban from having no points previously - not girly speeds - selective speeding

Never been caught in my three years or so of riding. Probably about due for it the rate of knots I do to work every morning tho!! As for girly miles and speeds (cheeky get!), my bike also does around 130mph (when I can find a nice quiet road to do it on of course!) and I do over 10,000 miles a year thangyouverymuch

14 years cage/van driving zero points.... 2 wheels fun ... 2 wheels points ...

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