boxhill 13/5/01

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boxhill 13/5/01

where was everybody from here? we went down there and didnt see a ppep.maybe ppl from here should make themselves more obvious by having visordown plastered over themselves..........
would have been nice to see some of the ppl and put faces to names.........
was a good hot sunny day there though even if the plod made fings bad by making the nutters that pull wheelies ease up so i couldnt get any good piccies..........

I wasn't there ... that's why I didn't see you.

Sorry I missed you......................oh I wasn't there either

anyway, it was rather packed, so hardly surprising really. But did manage to reunite with a few geezers from the Ace to Queen run. So better luck next time perhaps...

VD on ya head in any form ( baseball cap ect ) is highly embrassing to say the least.Perhaps a massive flag with "I am being treated for VD" splashed all over it would be better

by whispering the two small words vee dee to every geezer you come across.

I got there and meet up with Futter who was just leaving - but we had a coffee and a looksee - didn't see anyone thou'Still Nice day for a ride I finally got home about 3 hours after my suggested ETA - Doghouse door was open and I was put straight in.

That's cos I was at Brands Hatch getting sunburn and watching the bikes go very fast round the track Well Done Red Hot Dutch by the way top first race and bad luck on the second bloody slow riders

I was there, but don't know what anyone looks like, and visa, versa, nobody would know what i look like.Bloody good day out though, and then I had my lucky escape on the way home, wow, what a day !

I was in Sherburn, At the Milk bar Where is Box Hill? i have heard good things about it but never been, so where is it and what is it? Thanks!!:burnout: :burnout:

Its a hill, well thats probably obvious, ite near Dorking in Surrey. All started their a long time ago, and still going strong now. Their is a large car park / cafe/ picnic area, and some nice roads around !

Wheres Surrey? Sorry but i'm from Up north in yorkshire.:smoke:

ahhh but that y i suggest we have a sumfin obvious to stand out in the crowd when u turn up to these venues lol.lil ol bikerbabe n moi were frantically lookin out for people from here but not me not knowing what sum of u guys look like i felt a prat lookin for sumone i didnt know i was lookin for.........oopsie!!! perhaprs a bike n pic on here would sort fings out.........maybe next time ull see us on a black ninja......(so look out here i come.......)

Came down to Boxhill for the first time with a mate, felt like a bit of a div on my Divvy but had a good laugh there.I'll be back! - hopefully with some VD gear

maybe we should meet up there then if theres more than a few of us from visordown we could speel it out on the hill above the cafe so everyone will know who we are lol.i got treated for vd but dont wanna get it again even if it is plastered all over my bak instead of............lolwe suggested havin a vd sticker over my helmet but like i sed before......

Can someone please tell me where I was last Sunday? or visordown meet? left of you seat or behing your screen works well. I did this last year, cos I knew I would be looking for people I didn't know. RB had this photo copy which also worked well.Alternatively, you can stand by the gents holding a sign saying 'free cottaging'. It'd probably get the same response as wispering VD to people.If you want some good roads, I'd suggest you venture away from the A24, as it's normally packed with plod on a sunny day.Newlands corner on the A25 Dorking to guildford is also a good mini biker meet as it gets no attention from plod.Plus there are some great roads down to the coast from there or down to goodwood race track . Also you can do the rykers to hikers cafe run which takes is around 45 miles of nice country road mostly nationals.If anyone wants to do a meet but has a long way to travel, here's the details of a reasonable B&B approx. 4 miles from box hill.The Swan Guest House39, Kingston Rd Leatherhead Surrey KT22 7SLTel: 01372 376332 off J9 M25

A useful post? With humour? And interesting information? And helpful suggestions?What are you thinking? I thought this was a general forum for debating religion, the death penalty, racism, fox hunting and generally things that are guaranteed to get a whole load of people hot under the collar!Good work, fella!

Walked around for about an hour or so - VD t-shirt worn proudly. Didn't see anyone but saw Futter's mad machine and I think Big Nige's LT. Said 'hi' to their bikes, hope they passed the message on to you. Went off to Brighton for an ogle at the totty (sexist remark...sorry!!). Bloody heevin' it was.

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