BMW Savanna Boots

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BMW Savanna Boots

BMW Savanna Boots

Anyone else found they leak like a sieve on the kevlar stretch zones on the heel and front instep?

Can't remember they have leaked like this before, but with them still being less than a year old, I guess I can complain under warranty? Supposed to be totally wateproof. Not really good enough for a £190 pair of boots.

If they're marketed as waterproof then take them back. BMW warranty is pretty good - even on kit. You ought to know that by now.

Just take them back, no biggy surely?

They have a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane don't they...? In which case they should be covered under the terms of Gore's 5 year waterproof guarantee.

Just annoying, really. I thought as much that I would be fine gettinga swap. Just don't really fancy breaking in a new pair of boots, but I guess it is better than wet tootsies. And I wasn't aware of the 5 year Goretex warranty. They do indeed have a goretex inner. Ta very much!

Are they so good: how do they

Are they so good: how do they all get praised and advertised?)))

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