Bluetooth speakers for Sat-Nav?

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Bluetooth speakers for Sat-Nav?

Can anyone recommend a cheap ish solution so I can hear my sat-Nav in my helmet? Sat-Nav is a TomTom Rider 400 with Bluetooth and no headphone jack, so whatever I do needs to be Bluetooth. I don't want FM radio, bike to bike comms or phone connectivity etc, just sat-Nav. I did think of just buying some Bluetooth in ear headphones but battery life is only rated for 5-6hrs on most so not enough for a full days riding. I keep going back to a cheap BT Interphone 500m or similar, but there's seems to be loss of different types available so can anyone e recommend one over the other? Battery life is pretty important IMO. Open to all suggest at this point as trying to keep one eye on my screen especially bright sunlight is going to land me in a hedge at some point.

NVM I've ordered a Sena SMH10

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