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I have been riding both bicycles and motorcycles for many years without any major incidents. However, a few months back, I was riding my bicycle through one of my city's beautiful parks, when I hit a small pothole. The impact twisted my front wheel to the right, and I was thrown sharply to the left. My left arm and head (which was helmeted, fortunately) took the brunt of the fall. My shirt was ripped, and my elbow was pretty torn up (it later required eight stitches). My new Bell helmet, which had served its purpose admirably, was cracked. I was going maybe 10 kilometers per hour (6 m.p.h.) at the time. It was one of those accidents that would not have happened if a) I had been paying better attention, and b) had both hands on the handlebar. The message that I am trying to convey here is that riding accidents happen for many reasons, and happen to even the most experienced riders. If you ride long enough, odds are that you WILL have an accident. Be it Karma, Kismet, Murphy's Law, or the laws of physics, you are almost certainly going have an accident at some point during your riding life. Knowing this, it seems only logical that you are as prepared as possible for the unfortunate event. The thing is, though, many riders are almost totally ill-prepared for when the inevitable accident happens. It absolutely amazes and horrifies me when I see folks on motorcycles dressed in shorts, T-shirts, sneakers and $50 half-helmets. Geez, would some of them even wear helmets if the law did not require them to? Probably not, because I recently saw many riders in Texas (where there is no helmet law) riding sans helmets. What is it with these folks? Are they so naive that they think an accident won't happen to them? Are they drinking buddies with God? Do their girlfriends/boyfriends not like them with helmet hair? My theory is that they think they are just too 'cool' to wear the gear. Or, maybe, just maybe, they just don't give a s#%t? In my book, it boils down to this: Sheer, unadulterated stupidity. Plain and simple. Remember that my little bike accident happened at 6 m.p.h. According to the NHTSA, the median speed at the time of motorcycle accidents is 21.5 m.p.h. Over three time the speed, which means a lot more asphalt surfing. Now, I realize that decent motorcycle gear is not cheap, but when it can make the difference between walking away unscathed from an accident or days, weeks, or even months of painful surgery and rehab, isn't it worth the cost? Wear the gear people. All the gear, all the time.

Hello! Very interesting topic

Hello! Very interesting topic, thank you raised it

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