Anyone got a hornet?

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Anyone got a hornet?

Sig pic for ya?

Anyone know where I got it from?

Is it?

it's just the way my trousers ruffle up.

Little Angels - Jam CDnew i recognised it

You get the star prize!!FA!!

Not since I have been on the bromide

Gotta couple a wasps tho

but with my riding, I don't think I'm entitled to that gif!Sweet though!

now where did you get that pic of me?

Diversion wrote

now where did you get that pic of me?

Looks like a wasp? ... wasps! (Picture @ Geocities ... X?) ... hornets!about these names... Wasps is a common name for a any hymenopterous insect that is not a sawfly, a bee or an ant. I think word wasp is used quite loosely. Wasps of the genus Vespa are commonly called hornets.Other closely related wasps, genus Vespula and genus Dolichvespula, are called yellowjackets. Differences between these species(Vespa vs. Dolichovespula+Vespula) are morphologically and biologically very subtle to all but enthusiastics and specialists. In Europe we have only one hornet species Vespa crabo and it is the "big wasp", it being bigger than any other wasp species(that is vespula or dolichovespula, the ones, along with Vespa, that make covered carton nests and feed their young with e.g. paste made from chewed insects).PS:I also found this ... get stung by her hey ... I'll get my coat!

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