This aint the same anympre.

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This aint the same anympre.

I remember 6 years ago this site was awesome, there wasn't many adverts back then. Now the background changes all the time and theres this stupid ad on the right of the screen as well as well as spam posts. Why has it come to this? we are all dooooooooomed I tell you.
...I bet someone also comes on and tell me to f**k o** as well.

Its cause six years ago Ben

Its cause six years ago Ben still cared a bit about the place, no-one does now :(

Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I'm the staff writer on Visordown. I and my editor Steve care about the site and while we only work on the editorial side of things, we know that there is a problem with spammers. I can assure you that I dedicate time each week to getting rid of spam and spammer accounts. Sadly, it's a near impossible task but since the site has been relaunched, I've asked our developers to address the problem because it pisses everyone off - us included. They are working on putting controls in place to filter out spam member and spammy posts because of course we don't want our once vibrant forums to languish.

Ermm it ain't just the

Ermm it ain't just the spammers though. Its the total greedy overkill on advertising! The site is becoming unuseable as a million adverts jockey for the users ipads pixels and RAM.

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