Wife accused me of being a transvestite

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Wife accused me of being a transvestite

My wife accused me of being a transvestite.

So I packed her things and left.


Wife accused me of being a transvestite


My wife says that I don't really listen to anything she says - or something like that!  

My wife says that we don't talk anymore, so told her - "didn't want to be rude and interrupt".

My girlfriend called me a paedophile so I told her that was a jolly big word for an eight year old

My wife was complaining that I never listened to her. "Yes, OK" I replied..... "I'll have a beer"

My wife's an angel, always up in the air, harping.

Actually, she's quite athletic - she runs up bills and jumps to conclusions.

my wife always get angry,because i never obedient to her.

For example, take my wife.... please

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

I walked into my wife's bedroom holding a sheep under my arm and said:  “I just want you to see the pig I have to fuck when you won’t give me sex!!!” My wife said, while laughing at me: “I’ll have you know that’s a sheep!” I told my wife:  “My dear, I was talking to the sheep!!!”   Please forgive the "F" word, but without it, it loses something!  lol

I told my wife "making love I you is like shagging a blow up doll"
She threw her arms up and looked completely shocked so I said "you're not helping yourself are you!"



My shouted at me... saying

My shouted at me... saying something ending 'you never listen to me' ............ i thought 'what a strange way to begin a conversation.

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