Jeremy Clarkson's suspension

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Jeremy Clarkson's suspension

All three remaining episodes from the current Top Gear series have been postponed following Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from the BBC

…putting hundreds of jobs in jeopardy at Dave.

Give the man his sirloin steak,he's worth it and let's hope it's british beef and not Argentinian Beef !

And on that bomb shell GOOD NIGHT!

Clarkson breaks silence on suspension " It's the bouncy bit which holds the wheels on".

Why pay a man to be a big kid with bigger toys ,,, then make such a fuss when he acts like one 

Clarkson off to usa with hamster and that stupid away with the expensive cars that the every day man can't afford and you might have a good program.anywhere else in the workplace and he would be sacked End of.

Who cares that most of us will never be able to buy the cars on the program !!!!we already have performance to beat most of them any way for a fraction of the cost so just sit back and enjoy the show   

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