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Simpson and Delightful are walking in a field one day when a bunch of ne`er do wells try to muscle in and give Delightful a right good seeing to .
Simpson , disturbed somewhat by this behaviour , springs into action and belabours them round the head with part of a dead animal he found in the grass .
And Lo it is written thus :

Simpson slayed the filthy swines with the arse bone of a jew .

Giraffe, Its the Arse bone of a Giraffe . ( Jew is not a dead animal )

It`s a play on words , Jawbone of an ass ? read the bible

Read the Bible !!! ,  bit drastic that.  It was Giraffe when I first heard it in 1962.

!962 ?You must be even older than me 

blackviffer wrote (see)

Giraffe, Its the Arse bone of a Giraffe . ( Jew is not a dead animal )

Correct (1974)

Whether its Jew of Giraffe, it still aint funny.

It was in the sixties, but so was everything

A kid was telling his dad about his first day at Sunday school and repeated the story that he heard with some errors. "Simpson and Delightful were having a grind in the corn paddock when 10 000 syphilites rushed over the hill. Simpson slew 5000 with the arse bone of a jew and rooted the other half."

Giraffe / ass sounds similar,  Jew/Ass not even similar.  Meercat . com

useless unfunny jokes are not allowed.

sheila (not verified)

is that shit on the mouth piece of your trumpet?

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Simpson and Delightful? lol

"It was in the sixties, but so was everything "   Depending on what you were smoking at the time.    

WTF are you lot going on about?

Smokin` one bush after the other?

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