Young Guy wanting Two stroke to rebuild and restore.

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Young Guy wanting Two stroke to rebuild and restore.

Hi, I am a keen biker and mainly been on four strokes due the the old reliability issue. Now i have slightly more money i would love a two stroke that someone doesnt want to rebuild and restore. I dont mind if the engine is seized etc I love a challenge. Preferably sports two strokes but i am open minded. 

So if u got any old bikes just rustin i may want it. 
I Live in Sussex near Brighton but dont mind travelling.

I have a couple of suzuki gt185 machines I bought these with the idea of restoration but they have just sat with me for the last couple of years are vitually complet and dont want a fortune for them if you are at all intrerested bell me on 07714 692795  huntingdon area

i have a ts50x 2001, last of the ERKX's on ebay,  runs sweet as a nut. needs a tidy

go for something like a TZR or TDR 250. plenty of bits around and not for silly money like LC or 350 power valve bits and you will have a good fun bike worth around £800-1000 at the end of it.Dead easy to work on as well.

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