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Velocette Viper

Hi, I have 1964 Viper currently undergoing full restoration.

I have inherited the bike as a box of bits and sofar I have podwer coated the frame and anything else that should be black.

I have never seen one in the flesh fully built and would like anyone who has one in the Manchester area to get in touch or pay me a visit on the bike so I can photograph it.

I need the photos as I have no idea where all the parts should go. (every last component has been stripped)

Also, I have no imperial tools whatsoever nor any special tools needed to build the engine.

The crank needs rebuilding/balancing - I don't know where to go?

The barrel is at max oversize and a bit rusty, so I need a new sleeve/piston kit - I don't know where to go?

Finally, are the original valve seats unleaded ready?

Please advise the tool sizes needed.

If this was a Jap or Italian bike it wouldn't be a problem but since I was brought up in the Metric age, Imperial is like a foreign language.



      Alpha bearing in dudley for big end etc. Have sent pm.

Mike Suggest you join the Velocette Owners Club,(V.O.C) as the Spares section sell a DVD on engine and gearbox  rebuilds and they have a technical Officer to answer questions. Also suggest you buy the red manual and the blue spare parts list. You can get almost all the spares you need from Grove Classicsand they are in the main well made to Velo standard . Criterion Engineering in Swindon do lead free valve seats and VOC sell  nitided inlet valves and last time i looked N80 exhaust which are almost indestructable . They also sell Colsibro valve guides which last much longer than the original Velo item.Take care when doing the bottom half as the mains will probably need replacing and these have a 4thou preload ,(1mm= 40 thou or almost)and this must be 2 thou each side not all on one side.It is always worth removing the oil pump but you must heat the crankcase to get it out and to replace . The oil pump needs a special tool to dismantle it so buying a new one from Grove might be an idea.   Good Luck have patience and read a lot to get the feel of this machine , I can help with carburettor settings for an R928 concentric as that is what my 64 Clubman runs.  Cliff

I've been to a dealer to try on the helmet i want for size, i just want to know if there are any places online that are cheaper and reliable. I found this helmets and it has very good prices on the helmet I want (AGV stealth). Have you any suggestions?

Cheers fir the advice guys.On the subject of the crank: Will the outer races need to be replaced too so to make a matched pair.If so, how do I get them out without damaging the cases.Alternatively, If I send the crank away for grit blasting and rebuilding would it be worth sending the cases too to achieve this 2 thou aside clearance you mentioned? Also, when they balance a crank, do they need the piston and rings attached?If so I will need to get the piston kit and new small end bush first?Mike

 Hi Mike,              main bearings , if worn replace complete inner and outer.             heat oven to 120c place two half of the crank caseso the races will drop out            on there own. there should be a couple of shims behind the races            vapar blasting or aqua blasting . never grit            balanceing is not essential  TJ

I have made good progress with the bike so far. I have got tooled up with a set of imperial spanners and allen keys, taps etc. I have organised and tidied my shed. I have also bought a load of containers to compartmentalise as best I can all the different components, some of which have been specially made out of stainless and brass.I have fitted the swing arm bushes, trunnion and the centre stand. Not much but it's a start.I have decided to get to a rolling chassis stage before I start messing about with tthe engine.I have ordered a few components from Grove as I now have the blue book, haynes manual and exploded views which makes life easier. I am taking lots of photos along the way and may post some as the project advances.On another note, I emailed the guy at Grove, asking about a discount for VOC members. He said there isn't any, so is it worth joining VOC.I am assuming that VOC source their parts from Grove tooMike

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