UK Road Tax for Historic Vehicles after Oct 2014

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UK Road Tax for Historic Vehicles after Oct 2014

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Dear all,

I've seen a lot in the press over VEL (tax discs) being ended in October. I've seen nothing about how Historic Vehicles will be dealt with. I wrote to the VMCC (letter at the bottom) to get them to highlight this, and I also attach the reply I had from DVLA (centre). A bit of a mess I think. October is not that far away.

Neil Cairns.

On 04/02/2014 08:13, Neil Cairns wrote:

Dear Mr Cairns

Thank you for your email received on 2/2/14. Your email reference number

At the moment the plan's to abolish tax disc's have not been finalised,
we will however have the information that you are requesting in the year.

I am sorry that I am unable to offer you any answers at this time.

Do not reply to this email. If you wish to contact us again about this
response then please use our Reply Form or copy and paste the following
URL in to your browser:

When filling in the form the email reference number 1765590 will be


R Davies

DVLA Contact Centre

On 02/02/2014 09:18, Neil Cairns wrote:
Dear Editor,

In October this year, 2014, the system of road tax disc (Vel, vehicle
excise licence) displaying ends. The DVLA will no longer issue a 'tax
disc' for each vehicle. Along with this change anyone selling a car or
bike will not be able to transfer the outstanding road tax to the new
owner. So we will be contacting the DVLA upon the renewal of the road
tax, pay our money, and hope they update their computer so any officer
of the law will be able to confirm the car/bike is legally on the road.
There will be no 'tax disc' displayed on the vehicle. But what about we
'Historic Vehicle' owners? We do not pay anything now, so after October
we will get a reminder from the DVLA to phone up to confirm we want to
tax our bikes, to pay nothing for something we are not going to get!
Seems a bit odd to me, what will be the 'system'? I've found nothing on
the DVLA Web site to assist. There is a rumour that re-taxing your
vehicle will only be done via the web; where does this leave those with
no internet access?

Neil Cairns.