TZR250 2ma v 1KT

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TZR250 2ma v 1KT

Anyone know what the main difference is between the TZR250 2ma v 1KT models as I'm looking for an old TZ and have seen a couple of each recently and cant see any obvious differences.

It will be for track use only if that makes a difference.

Swingarm, suspension linkages, shock differ between the two models, for definite. There is talk also about different CDI's.But be careful, as not all 1KT's are equal. They bought out a version of the 1KT (frame # 1KT-091101- onwards) that is very special. It has wider rims (3.5" & 2.75" instead of 2.5" and 2.15") the later 2MA suspension, 8 petal reedvalves, nicasil bores, 2 extra exhaust ports, combined CDI/PV controller, radiator etc...

1kts and 2mas are the same. It`s the 2xt that uses the wider wheels, different CDI etc.See the forum on 2XT came in limited numbers between the 2ma/1kt and the rev cylinder 3ma.

PS my race ready UK spec 2ma is for sale. See the classifieds.

The 1KT and the 2MA are not the same - if you check the parts lists you will find a few differences, not least of which the rear suspension - 2MA frame numbers begin with 2MA and 1KT with 1KT.I was trying to get accross that 2XT's used 1KT frame #'s...

They have different shocks and linkages as Yatsushiro says. There are a couple of different cdi's about aswell, I have ones with 1kt and 2ma markings, the 2ma cdi are supposed to be the better of the two.P.s nice to see you found your way over here Yatsushiro.

Our 2ma and 1kt use exactly the same shocks, I know cos I built both bikes.Later 2mas and 1kts used different shocks and linkages to their earlier counterparts. However they are still 2ma and 1kt models.I`m not sure about the CDIs as both our bikes have their OE boxes on.Here are mine and Chris`s bikes; mine is a 2ma his is a 1kt. All parts we fitted to change them to race bikes were ordered in pairs.Mine is 117 Chris is 118!

Thanks all - if I wasnt confused before I am now Sounds like I should just get one and worry about it when I need parts.

Just buy an RGV250 instead!!!!!!!! I wish I had.

I think some of the confusion could come from the fact that there are very few 'standard' TZR's around - they've all been 'improved', fixed, upgraded etc over the years.

Hello. I have 2 questions...I have a 1987 tzr250. I ran beautifully until it just quit on me a while back and i just put it in storage. Anyways...I am looking to ride it again but cannot find a cdi that it needs to start. The book states part #  2my-85540-50  and the unit on my bike currently is 2my-50.  I found cdi's around with part numbers that start with 2ma... or 1kt... How do i know for certain if these other cdi's (2ma or 1kt) would work properly for my bike? Are there different coils for this bike? The troubleshooting results point towards a faulty coil as well. So, as an example, would a coil from a 1kt harness work fine with a coil from a 2ma or 2my set up?

I want a TZR250 for the Past Masters racing - can anyone help or do you know anyone with a bike for sale?Cheers

marjie (not verified)

It`s the 2xt that uses the wider wheels, different CDI etc.

I have 2 bikes that I have stripped to make 1 good bike.1 is a 2MA the other is 1KT.All parts are the same as far as I can see.Paint job is different.will have parts left over. do have a an engine but needs barells I do have a new set of pistons to go with me

I have just bought a 1KT model of the TZR veriety, will the 3MA body kit fit?, is there many Differences?

anybody know where i can get a pair of nice exhaust"s for my 2ma/1kt?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to restore a 2MA Faraway Blue model and desperately needing help:Does anyone knows the actual colour codes for this model? I found in the web this codes but whem I took them to several painshops, they can't match it with anything... I can get the blue from from a site there in the UK (I'm writing from Portugal), but no Gold for the rims...Does anyone knows the codes?  Thanks for everythingManuel Color-Name    Order-code    Yamaha-Code Faraway Blue     FWB                00NJ Nebular Gold       NG                  008L Silver                   SL                   0035 

Dear sir,ive recently purchased a 1998 honda sj100bali,the scooter flys to 50mph no prob but doesnt go any faster & seems held back which is very frustrating. Surely a modern scooter should have a better top speed.? Could you please tell me if the bike would be restricted & if so how do i deristrict? PLEASE HELP ME. Luton Airport Parking

The difference between a TZR 250 1KT and a 2MA is that the 1KT is a japanise import and the 2MA is the europain model. The 1KT has Kph clocks and the indicators are built into the fairings ( as standard ) making them to close together for the europain regulations, also the CDI unit has different connectors and  will not fit a 2MA wiring harness. The 2MA has the Mph clocks and has the standard indicators so that they are far enough apart to comply with the europain regulations. Besides that the 2MA and the 1KT are the same bike with different paint jobs.

Could any of you tell me if the bodywork from a 1kt is the same as the 2ma? Thanks

ineed tzr250  ma   hand  bluiser

Can anyone tell me where to get a wire loom diagram for a Tzr 250 1kt in colour these are rarer than hens teeth

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