SUZUKI GSX400T (1983) BHP?

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SUZUKI GSX400T (1983) BHP?


Been looking at getting myself a 1983 Suzuki GSX400T but I'm still on my restricted licence, so I can't legally ride anything with more than 33BHP.  I've been trying for a while (on the internet) to find out what BHP this bike is meant to have, but have found alot of conflicting info', so I'm none the wiser.

If anyone could enlighten me with such info' and the source from which it came, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Scott.

Thanks, I'd came across that site myself, but I'm obviously not sure how accurate it is, as I also found this: speaking, if it was to have had 40BHP back in 1983, what do you suspect it would have now?  Any more info' much appreciated.Hoping someone has some hard/paper spec's.

Get it on a dyno power run , you'll know exactly what it's putting out and have a hard copy to show what the power is if you ever needed to prove it. That's presuming it is below 33bhp when tested.

Hey i own a 1982 GSX400T and it's 27bhp from the factory, unless it was a "open" one, which had 42bhp. Mine's got nowhere near that now - but I'm rebuilding the engine with a complete clean and replacement of pretty much all of it - so i might get it soon! Hope this helps, but yes, the GSX400T can be ridden on  a restricted license! I would recommend the dyno check though, if you can prove what it's putting out, they can't say much - other than the fact that it could be modified to pout out more (quite a bit more!)

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