Suitable for rolling mill bearing requirements

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Suitable for rolling mill bearing requirements

Rolling mill bearing used is different from other mechanical equipment using bearing special requirements


A, lubrication method

Roll bearing lubrication and other Supplier For Buying SKF 6202 Bearing lubrication in principle, but in bad working conditions of roller bearing, its performance could get effective play to a large extent depends on the situation of the lubrication of the bearing.

Roll bearing lubrication methods mainly include grease lubrication and oil lubrication.

Grease lubrication grease and seal, seal structure and lubrication equipment simple, add grease is convenient, so as long as the work conditions allow, roller bearings are generally used grease lubrication.


Oil lubrication cooling effect is strong, and can be taken from bearing inner dirt and moisture. Roll bearing lubrication oil lubrication methods have pressure oil lubrication, oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication.

Under the pressure oil lubrication is normal speed rolling bearing is the most effective way of lubrication.

Oil lubrication is the lubricating oil at a certain pressure through in a bearing on one side of the nozzle spray into the bearing lubrication for internal, commonly used in the high-speed roller bearing, or pressure lubricating oil can't meet the cooling requirements of the occasion.

Spray lubrication is to contain oil mist dry compressed air into the bearing lubrication for inside, use less oil, due to the effect of air, cooling effect is extremely strong, it is mainly used for high speed and high precision of rolling large roll bearing, or to often do not remove the roll bearing in the bearing housing.

Pressure oil lubrication and oil lubrication needs to be installed into and out of the tubing, lubrication pump, oil reservoir, sometimes need to lube oil cooler, therefore, the cost is higher, roll bearing less commonly use.

Second, the configuration model

(1), spherical roller bearing

Early on the rolling mill bearing in rolling mill configuration type, unlike now, then mainly adopts two sets of spherical roller bearing were installed on the same roll neck. This configuration type basic can meet the production condition at that time, speed up to 600 RPM. But with the improvement of speed, its shortcomings increasingly prominent: bearing life is short, the consumption of large, low finished product precision and roll neck wear serious, rolling roller to leap into big, etc.


(2) + thrust bearings, four row cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearing inside diameter and the roll neck with tight fit, bear radial force, has a large load capacity, high limit speed, high precision, inside and outside the circle of separable and interchangeable, easy processing, low production cost, easy installation and disassembly, etc; Thrust bearing axial force, concrete structure could be selected according to the characteristics of the rolling mill to go.