sidecar handling like a pig!

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sidecar handling like a pig!

Yes ok to an extent it's supposed to I know!

 I've just fitted a wasonian oxford to my z1r and I must have something very wrong, I quick 1st test run up the road had the bars flapping like buggery at 20mph!

Never had a sidecar before

Greatfull for thoughts from any chair experts

hopefully pics below

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looks great it gets better the faster u go lol, u could fit wider bars and a steering damper and experiment withthe toe in and lean of the bike but without a proper front end it will always wobble at low speed , im no expert but they do take a lot of getting used to and for a novice are quite scary things, but when mastered are great fun,

From the photos your set up looks strange have a look at this web site for good advice on setting up your rig.   good luck

I agree with R T. The chair looks a little too far back but that alone shouldn't cause the tank slapper. Go back to basics & check caster angle and toe-in. The bike should lean out slightly and come almost upright when you climb aboard.R T's web advice is probably the best bet but you could also try the brains at VMCC.

Have alook at this link it will show you how to set up your chariot.  Good luck

My first post... and something I had to deal with 35 years ago. I started riding at 17, my second bike was a Matchless 650 with a chair, you could take passengers on the back and in the sidecar all on a provisional. But, that was 30 odd years ago. Anyway, back on topic. The main thing is to get it set up correctly, the bike has to toe in and lean out at the correct angle. There used to be professionals who could do this such as the late Dicky Mayres of Upminster. It was a scary feeling at first, sitting on a bike leaning slightly out, but after a few runs I got used to it and no tank slapper. Eventually I could wheelie the bike with the sidecar in the air one handed still with no wobble at the bars. A steering damper may help but the main thing is to set up the angle of lean and toe.

You will need a steering damper but the front tyre (and the tyre pressure) can also make a big difference. It should be a non-directional block tread pattern like the Avon Safety Mileage MkII. Sorry, I can't see your photos. Do perservere. Sidecars are great fun and all sorts of people will come up and talk to you. Children love a ride and many ladies too! Have fun.

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