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i've been offered an 07 RSVR for £4500.its in mint condition,how much do you guys think its worth.i'd apreciate any feedback .

cheers guys

More than that assuming it's average miles/fully serviced/etc. You'd normally be talking an 05 plate really for that money, pushing an 06 privately if someone's desperate to sell given the current economic climate and time of year. Why so cheap? Check for signs mileage is genuine, clocks were known to fail and need replacing under warranty (although this may have been fixed by 07??). Quick flick on Biketrader suggests a lowish mileage 07 plate is worth £5500 or more.

I think few bikes are actually worth the price they are being advertised at at the moment.£4500 is cheap, or could be seen as realistic for a quick sale.   I doubt any private seller would actually get £5500 for a similar bike currently.  However, maybe in one or two months they might.

thanks guys,its a silver/red with red that a 06 model registered in 07? 

Take a look at the frame number,it is 17 digits long,it has a S before the last six digits,the number before the S is the year of manufacture 

cheers scobri

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