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rs aprilia 125 problem

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rs aprilia 125 problem

basically i am finding it wierd and cannot understand what it is that is wrong with my bike, i have a rs aprilia 125 2001 model, when i take the clutch side of and the clutch basket ect out i can engange in all of the gears easily up and down.....

but the when i put the casing back on it will not select any gear its like its became jammed and its annoying the hell out of me, i had it slip into first once and i took it up the road and it went up the gears fine then when i came to go down the gears it wouldnt go down and was stuck it frustrating the hell out of me i just had some one recently swap the gear box's over for me so i cannot understand why its doing this, any advise as to what may fix or what the problem may be would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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