RGV running gear on an RD350, how hard is it?

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RGV running gear on an RD350, how hard is it?

I saw a beautiful bike, a yellow RD350 with RGV250 forks, rear swing arm and wheels, looked awesome... How difficult is this conversion? does it involve machining/ welding etc or can it be done with bought parts...i'm happy with servicing a bike but never modified a bike to this extent, has anyone seen/done this conversion before??

Yes, it is difficult unless you are experienced with machining and welding - if you want it to be right you may have to cough up a bit.Speak to Nigel Kimber of NK racing - his impressive YPVS machines bear no resemblance to the originals and he can advise or fabricate parts for you.www.nkracing.co.uk/

get yourself over to herewww.yamaha-rd.com/forum/Loads of folks done the conversion you are talking about,basically the front end goes in with a spacer above the bottom yolk, and the back fits in with an offset sprocket but is tricky on an LC but easier into a YPVS. Biggest problem is finding the parts cheap as RGV stuff fetches good money for this very reason

It is relatively straightforwards, though I haven't completd mine which is posted here under the links page (350YPVS)It was going to look like this:Thouhg I have a different look going on currently. Forks require the steering stem pressed out and rewelded (YPVS stem onto RGV yokes) plus spacers as above.Rear needs this bit of alloy for the relative bodge of connecting your shocker to the centre stand mount. it's a chaep bodge though!Good luck see you on RD or RGV site. You'll need both!Screwd.

Front forks should be easy to find.Banana swingers are comanding daft money nowadays and it's tough to find a good one that isn't damaged, i had to revert to a P model braced swinger after damaging the one i had fitted to my RGV for this reason.

Thanks for the response, very interesting indeed

Here's another one one of the guys on the RD forum has almost finished. Nice innit

that is beautiful Rich H, do you know who owns it? does he want to sell it?

Bike like that will make £3-£3.5k if the owner ever wants to sell.And the above is a particularly nice one...Good luck!S.

crackers81 wrote

that is beautiful Rich H, do you know who owns it? does he want to sell it?

Wouldn't have thought so, he's only just finished it. Guy is on the RD forum and his username is Vin

hi guys... i'm from cape town and have a '83 rd 350 ypvs. i would really like to do the rgv front and back end conversion... is there a step by step procedure available somewhere??? please help... jacques

http://www.winsto.net/piggie/rgvproject/rearend.html This description is for the VJ21 swingarm, but gives you an idea of what's required.  I'm doing one at the minute. You really need to have a few fabrication tools and ideally a lathe. Col.

hi guys, just got my first rd350 1982 lc   im gonna do the front and back end upgrade one of these days, what swinger does Vin's bike have on?   

I prefer the YDS7 me..

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