Registering an non EU classic 2 stroke in the UK

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Registering an non EU classic 2 stroke in the UK

I have seen an interesting old 125  2 stroke which is up for sale as "just imported" with all documents to register. I understand it's from outside the EU (Switzerland) and all taxes are said to have been paid. My enthusiasm is being somewhat tempered by the risk of the potential hazards of registering this vehicle myself. Should I give it a go or just walk away.

It was a popular machine here in the 80's (this one registered 1991) so it's not like it is wildly different or unusual. My questions are?

It has a KMH speedo and probably the wrong headlight beam pattern for the UK. Googling importation sites it is suggested I would need to get a UK headlight (fair enough) but some sites are suggesting you would need a UK MPH speedo; if so how come grey imports with KMH speedos are all over the UK?

Does anyone have a checklist of what forms you should receive from the importer?

I'm thinking Swiss ownership documents; HM Revenue & Customs forms showing duty paid as it's from outside the EU; A bill of sale of some kind proving the importer actually owns the vehicle and hasn't stolen it.

There is a classic importer on EBAY based in Shepherd's Bush selling loads of imported bikes from Japan so it can't be too much of a headache can it?

Finally if you bought a frame with a V5 could you insert the rest of the imported bike into it so that it would become immediately legal so long as the engine number was updated with DVLA?

Hope somebody with experience can answer some of my questions







my rd 350 came in from Austria  and still has the kph speedo with the wrong headlight,     a very helpful m.o.t. station placed a piece of black tape over part of the headlight  to make it legal,    they could have easily 'failed' it      but they know that if they give a good friendly service   you will return..........  & friends what bike is it you have seen !?!?    my Yamaha bike details were checked by the VJMC  and then checked @a special vehicle testing station to prove it is road legal..

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