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Raleigh moped

Does anyone have a late 1950's Raleigh moped, model RM1 in good nick for sale?

Got a 1968 one.

I think that would be an RM 6 or RM8, looking for an RM 1. Thanks anyway!

 i have a raleigh moped engine in my shed,it also has carb,good exhaust, coil and engine brackets. i dont know what model it is but it is for sale. 

I have a very good rm1 for sale if you are interested please ring me on 07890144330 anytime

Hi I'm looking for a raleigh RM1 manual as I'm restoring one at the moment. looking inline with no look as anyone any ideas!

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get parts for Raleigh RM4 and RM6 I am doing the both as a restoration project and short of ebay am struggling to find

try Aplins in bristol they are not online but very helpful on the phone and post worldwidesee link bellowhttp://www.icenicam.ukfsn.org/direct/aplin/aplin.html

hiya guys n girls. im looking for a battery for a rm1 moped and a seat .. hope you can help .. cheers . steve mob 07957265198

hi guys has anyone got an old raleigh moped rm4 upwards that needs work looking for a project for me and my young son

anything considered I'm in the east mids but have a van

07535 749318

cheers Andy

Selling 1959 Raleigh RM1 moped
Selling 1959 Raleigh RM1 moped
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