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The next day when it was nice I tryed all the bodywork onto the pup

just got to weld the engine bracket for the crash bars again :roll:
and this is the out come,I think he looks pretty

Now Decided that the hand guards dont look right in orange so they have come off to be sprayed silver

The Helmet To Match

Well, now I have a 'new' bike, I want a new helmet!

I have been looking all over, but! I dont like ANY of the designs....
Tef says "Sod the Colour, choose one that fits!"
So I did.... but he baulked at £299 for the one that 'fitted' me best!

Anyway, after painting the tank and putting all the decals and 'stuff' on them, I was looking at all the paint and stickers and..... well, you can GUESS what I was thinking! So here you are! Starting with a £50 Glass Fibre 'Nitro', that was 'OK' but a bit fussy... we decided to paint it!

First job, Tef's patent razor blade technique to remove the original decals....

Scraped & Sanded, the vents and everything masked off.

Then Primered

Then a base coat of silver was applied... but we missed getting pics of that! In haste to work out the design that we wanted to mask on to it, before painting 'Not quite black' to match the bike.


Next Red Flashes were added in vinyl...

To match the livery of the bike!

Works well, doesn't it? Simple, Subtle, bold, and Retro! But the Pup, has WOLVES! Time to add some 'bite' to the scheme!

But SOMETHING was just, 'missing'.....

Matching 'flashes' in the chin!

One, 'New' Helmet to match my bike! Laquer to finish, and then it can be unmasked.

So, This is what the overall effect looks like, all suited, booted and ready to roll!

Roll on the 4th of June, when my CBT's booked for!

But FIRST, I need an MOT......

Monday, 23 May, 2011....


It has been three hundred and fifty eight days, since I brought the Pup home, one week short of the first anniversary of going and buying him... TODAY we would find out if all the angst, effort, hassle and money, was any use at all....

But FIRST, we needed some insurance, so we could get him to the MOT centre. This proved slightly more difficult than planned, becouse I dont have a valid CBT certificate, and almost NO-ONE would give me insurance on him, until I had the CBT. Tef had a licence and was going to be a named rider, but no, they still wouldn't do it before I had that cert in my hand.

Just after lunch time, with three hours to Moment Of Truth, Tef 'sorted' it, and we got one of these 'one month', "Pay as you Go" policies. £20, TPF&T. Fully Comp, is only £125 for a YEAR! So twice the price for half the cover, but hey ho, £20 is a drop in the ocean for what this bike's cost to build! And it keeps everything 'Legal'. Can cancel it as soon as I have done CBT and get a propper policy!

So, last minute fettling, adding cable ties to the fork gaiters, checking the indicators, lamps, brake lamps. Adjusting the brake pedal stop, making sure the battery is fully charged, and wondering WHY it WONT START........

"Darling!" Shouted Tef.... "Have you put any petrol in it, since you put the new tank on?" he says fiddling with the nice shiney new petrol tap! So I sent him round to the petrol station with a gerry can! Panic setting in.

Ten minutes later, he was running, the battery charging up, the engine warming. It's ten to two... the insurance cover starting at 2pm on the dot! Test booked for 3! Time for some 'photo's.... of COURSE, it's now hissing with rain, but I dont care, no fair weather rider THIS girl!

"Tyres look a bit flat!" Said Tef, and went off to get his pump....

Hooked it up, and plugged it into the socket on my handlebars! ISN'T that cleva! Self Sufficiency!

There you go, the riders view! My custom fasia clocks; my big red button for the hazard warning lamps; my Number 48 Bus... SORRY, Sat Nav! Heated Grips, Cigarette lighter socket, hand guards and new mirrors! POSH OR WHAT!
Quarter past two..... ALREADY! Insurance 'Live' Tef took Him for his 'maiden voyage' round the blcok to make sure all was 'OK', before we set out, two up, to the MOT centre....

The MOT... THE 'moment of truth' had come!

And we ALMOST failed right then and there! I'd painted over the frame number! But nice chap that he was, he let Tef sand down over the number till he could read it... then the inspection began, and my pulse started racing!

He liked my custom Clocks though!

Then he got me to sit on it and got out a TAPE MEASURE!?! Aparently that was so he could check and adjust the headlamp aim! Then he went through all the lights.

And onto the rollers to use his fancy machine to test the brakes!

Then he tugged and twisted the forks and pumped up the tyres some more.... guage on Tef's RAC pump is WAY out....

And the final Virdict?

Well.... do you remember what I started with?

The 'Heap' of bits from the aborted bike......

Then, as this one 'arrived'

And got stripped to bits......

And shot (blasted) to death!

ALL that paint, then slowly putting it all back together....

My custom clocks,

Brakes & stuff painstakingly reconditioned......

Like that horrible rear suspension, with all those awkward bushes...

All those annoying wigglie wires!

Sorting out the paint & decals...

The 'Heap' of bits from the aborted bike......

Then, as this one 'arrived'

And got stripped to bits......

And shot (blasted) to death!

And my nice new tyres and sparklie powder coated wheels....

Digging into the bowls of the engine

and finally, after ALL those months..... looking something close to finished.....

Just look at it NOW!

Come on, could this even POSSIBLY, even REMOTELY, EVER..... FAIL?!?!

Of COURSE it BLUDY couldn't!
Am I happy?!!! what do YOU THINK!

NOW I know what Tef was talking about..... When he handed me that cirtificate.... I just couldn't contain myself!

I just Can't WAIT till a Week Saturday for my CBT and THEN I can do what I built him to do, and RIDE, Baby, RIDE!

So here you are, 'The Pup' in action, doing what it was built to do!

Feet up, in action, riding around on the playground

Gears working good, with that new clutch and nice new chain & stuff!

Going round in circles sending every one as dizzy as I am!

And here I am getting ANOTHER certificate... that makes three... the Theory Pass, the MOT and now my CBT... TWO to go and she's THERE. There'll be NO stopping the me now.... (Heaven HELP everyone!

That was Last year since then I have passed 3 pars for my full licence

Passed Theory on 8th of feb 2011
Passed CBT on 4th of june 2011
Passed mod 1 on 10 Aug 2011

Just Mod 2 to do now.

first attempt was on the 27 Aug 2011

The day before I had pulled the starter motor off and pulled it to bits as it was playing up a little,so cleaned all the inside of it and did it back up.

so on my test i'm riding alone on test,and bike cuts out about quarter of a mile away from the test centre,and im thinking damn the starter motors died,try restarting him with no joy,the examiner said that he hasn't got time to wait for me to find and fix the problem,and cancels my test.

When he goes off to find Tef I find the problem,someone had turned my petrol off,rode back to the test centre and was told he would not have time to test me now.

second attempt was on 30 Aug 2011

fail for 1 serious and 2 minors,and that was in the last 5 minutes of the test
Serious fault i gave room for a pushbike,but because i went on the other side of the road near a bend,the exminer said that the car had to slow down on the other side of the road,but i was already back in my lane when i spotted the car...

minors were following a car to closely at juntion and signaling to go left but went straight on,i signaled to turn left when the exminer said the next left,but i thought that it was a 1 way street untill it was to late to take it.

oh well better luck next time at least i remembered the petrol tap this time lol

since then I just haven't had the money to retry,but it should be within the next month or two

Was it really October I last did anything with the-Pup? Well, Fitted a GS500 Headlamp, but it wasn't a good fit; and we couldn't adjust it low enough... but then the insurance ran out; but I had JUST got a new Flat, so it stayed with Tef, as I got stuck into decorating my new home and 'Stuff', and then we had 'Christmas'... BUT, bored now, got nothing left to paint or wrap or unwrap! And we had a SUNNY DAY last week...

So I decided to 'clean' the bike.... Tef asked why I needed a socket set to polish stuff. MEN! They just dont understand!

I HAD to take it all to bits to get into all the awkward nooks and crannies, DIDN'T I!

Rather annoyed actually, that a winter's weather has managed to rust the loverly chrome handle-bars rather badly. So they have been taken off and polished, and given a coat of clear laquer to try and keep them shiney.
Anyway, while it was apart Tef said we could 'have a look' at this head-lamp.... BUT, well, you SEE, he has been 'shopping' and got a whole load of bits for his Colonal-Custard.....

And these rather fancy HID Headlamp bulbs were just 'sitting' there on the table, cluttering the place up, so I thought that I'd help him tidy the place a bit and put one in the-Pup! WELL... he only needs ONE in the DT, doesn't he? So:-

Round 7" Headlamp Conversion with HID Bulbs - Part 1

This had been considered during the main 'build' of the project; to get as much light out of the thing as I can, and keep the electrical wattage 'sensible' with all the other gadgets I wanted; But Tef, gibbering about spending so much money on everything else, reckoned they were too expensive... but he got this pair for £40, so split between the two bikes isn't so bad.

First thing to do was check it fitted in the headlamp. Guess what. It didn't! The standard H4 headlamp with the connector on the back is 'almost' the same length, but the HID is just a couple of mm longer, and has the high-voltage wire coming out straight.

Tef's solution to this problem on his little DT headlamp, was to cut a walloping great hole in the back of the shell! So that's what I did! Marking it out by making punch-marks around a circle drawn round a head-lamp gromet, then drilling lots of little holes round the egde.

Then I drilled them out a bit bigger to leave a thin perforated circle, like a tax-disc, I could knock out with a hammer! I liked that bit!

Trial fitted over the headlamp lense, it was a little 'tight' around the bottom of the bulb, where the wire comes out, and it needs a little extra space there as the lense has to be 'hinged' into the bowl. So, cleaning up the ragged edges, with file and dremmel, and making nice round-ish hole.

All cleaned up, and trial fitted again, bulb sits in the hole nicely.

Tef showed me a trick to make an edge protector/grommet, using some PVC tubing. Slice the pipe along it's length, careful to cut in a straight line and not have the pipe 'twist' as you cut...

Then open up the cut and slot it around the metal edge you want to protect.

One protected metal edge, that wires wont 'fret' on.

So, now to make the head-lamp fit the bike.

The 7" Diameter lense Suzuki Head-Lamp is just a LITTLE bit toio big to go into the Super-Dream lamp bracket. We managed to squeeze it in there, by springing the blades out a bit, but, this was why we couldn't get the aim right. Sitting so tight to all the wiring and the speedo & tacho cable's, there was no space for it to 'tilt'.

Measuring up, Tef reckoned that we needed the lamp about an inch further forwards, and the brackets about half an inch futher apart.

I looked at e-bay and investigated after-market head-lamp brackets, but, the Super-Dream has a sort of wire basket between the two fork yokes, and it supports clocks and has cable guides and 'stuff' in it.

Tef had bought some aluminium plate to make the clock bracket for Colonal-Custard.....

Tef spent AGES working out how much they would need to be 'cranked' to sit inside the bracket and outside the head-lamp, until we realised that the headlamp was just about the same width as the outside of the bracket and we could make two flat plates and simply bolt them on the OUTSIDE!

A piece of plate was marked up, using a head-lamp bracket bush as a template, with the hole centres 35mm apart.

Drilled, and filed to shape.

The original bracket holes were drilled out to take an M10 bolt, and then the new extensions bolted on place so the head-lamp shell could be fitted. MUCH better, its not rubbing on teh speedo & Tacho cables now, and can TILT! So hopefully be able to point it at the ROAD!

NEXT: The horn bracket has to be removed and a new one made up to take both the horn and the HID Balast box.

Round 7" Headlamp Conversion with HID Bulbs - Part 2

Right, so we have sorted getting the big round head-lamp to fit on the bike, and we have got the long HID Bulb to fit in the big round headlamp... and we were looking at making a new horn bracket to mount the HID Ballast Resistor to.

Top, is the old horn bracket. I spent ages sanding and painting this, along with lots of other little bits and bobs like it... and NOW its being taken off! It was hidden behind a plastic grille that covered the horn, and when I first put the round headlamp on, the grill wouldn't fit under it, so I had to leave it off. And I thought that that horn and bent bracket was 'ugly', until Tef came in waving a tape measure and cut that even UGLIER bit of aluminium! This would HAVE to be made 'Pretty'!

Anyway, in the middle is the Ballast resistor. Electric box of tricks that makes HID Headlamps work, and says 'Danger - High Voltage' on it!

Tef spent ages outside with a tape measure wiggling it and that bit of plate around,until he came back in, marked the holes and started drilling!

Meanwhile he got ME soldering connections on the ends of a bit of wire he had cut, which he told me was 'essential' to earth the ballast box.

Then he bolted it all together, to try it for size.




After all Tef's faffing around with the tape measure, it all seemed to go together allright.... but GAWD it's UGLY!

He-he.. time to remidy THAT!

Tef had one little modification to make, putting a notch in the top so a second bolt could be fitted to stop the horn rotating about it's bolt... then I painted it black, and added a little 'Sparkle'

Some Rhinestone 'Diamante' stick-on letters, off e-bay! Hey, a girl GOTTA have 'Bling'! But this was NOT enough, Oh-No!

Do you remember, Tef had bought a load of 'bits' for his Colonel Custard? Well Iyz been ROBBIN again!

Tef had got a LOAD of LED's. Red ones, Green ones, Amber Ones, White Ones, ALL manner of colours, 50 of each! But in amongst them all, he'd got just FIVE fancy 'Rainbow' colour changing ones... so of course, with so MANY to choose from.... Thats what I nicked!

Cant have Bling unless it gets flashed about, can you, and what better way to flash it about but stick a spot lamp on it! So that's what we did!

To make a housing for the LED's (actually one Rainbow, and one Purple) & spread the light about more evenly and in the right direction; in good Blue-Peter 'Make and Do' fasion, Tef sat down with some scissors (an irresponsible adult was on hand to supervise!); sticky tape, glue, and whatever old rubbish was lying around to go in the recycling tub for the bin-men!

What he came up with was a bit of clear plastic cut from a curtain pole box, folded to make a small toblerone tube shape 'thing' covered in tin-foil.... with a little square left clear. (Tin foil, shiney side up on the inside)

Plastic covered in tin foil & folded

Joined & glued.

The LED's were then threaded in, and the ends plugged with Silicone sealant, with a bit more tin-foil over the back to stop light coming out the ends, then a bit more silicone!

Then the 'window' masked off, painted black.

MORE soldering to make up a wire to connect it to the side light, and....

With the lights on...

With the Light's off.... PWITTEEEeeeee!

SO! That's the horn bracket 'made'.... Just laqured over to stop the Rhinestones coming off. Now just need to fit it up, and sort out all the wiring, so we can try it out!

Round 7" Headlamp Conversion with HID Bulbs - Part 3

With the bracket 'finished' just a matter of fitting it to the fork-yoke, and connecting up all the wires.

The HID 'bits' sit outside the headlamp shell, wound amongst the loom and the original bracket frame.

It's a bit of a tangle of wrigglies, but the headlamp is sitting better in the shell now, and it all works...

Bit of tidying and as dusk falls...

This lamp is definitely BRIGHT! Just in the garden, it lights up so much more at the side of the bike, while the beam seems a lot brighter much further away from the bike. It's also very 'White', and I'm hoping that this will make a big difference to night riding where the old bulbs were rather 'yellow'.

hi i am restoring my 1988 cb125 tdc and i cant seem to locate a set of decals for it so i was just wondering if you could tell me where i could locate them it would be great cos i would be able to finish my restoration 


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