Peugeot XP6 S (supermoto)

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Peugeot XP6 S (supermoto)

That's a very nice 50cc son's pride and joy

It has a 70cc kit on.....but unfortunately the engine 'blew' tonight...

I've opened it up and it seems the small end bearing disintegrated...there are needle rollers jammed in the piston top !

I just wondered if anyone knows where I can get another 70cc kit from, as it came on the bike...?
Many thanks


have a look around the barrel for a compant stamp the google the company name you have just found!hth

I would guess that a company like either Malossi or Polini would make such a kit.Most scooter shops will be agents for big bore (lol) cylinder kits

Come on...he's just turned 16...give him some credit for going supermoto instead of rev and go hairdryer !!! The barrel only has MK on it...that pulls up 1.6 million hits on Google !Polini and Malossi do seem to be the names used....I ordered an 80cc Malossi for it...and the guy that supplied it said the he could've supplied a 70cc MK...but they're inferior quality...Thanks

hey, just wondeing if anyone knows anything about this bike LOL i need a new battery and front brake pads, anyone know what batt goes in it, and also what pads ? cheers in advanced if anyone knows.simonĀ 

Hey, does anybody no where i can get the main wiring harness for the bike, ive tried everything google the lot and carnt find 1 anywhere!

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