"New" bike - Suzi GS400

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"New" bike - Suzi GS400

Hi all!
Just thought I'd say hello. Just picked up my new project, a 1978 GS400. I may be back in some time for some advice if (or when) I get stuck. Doesn't look to bad but a strip down, a good clean and a proper setup and service certainly need doing for starters. Anyway, would be nice to hear if there is anyone else on here who is interested in the older Suzi twins.


GS or GSX? 2 or 4 valve head? Its the twin?Yea, Good bikes, nice engine, shockingly poor cycle parts. The wiring will be long turned to sand so expect to do a lot of rewireing. I would certinally re-wire all the charging circut (the regulator is completly shit) and main power too.Pays to look after that top end. Get some decent shocks and repaint everything. Recomended, I like em.Kev

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