well gents my pipes have just completed dyno testing this morning

i must a say a big thanks to Griff for it was his own bike used for back to back testing ,std,single mod,dual mod collectors


basically both single and dual modded pipes give you approx 3 bhp at the top end over the standard pipe but its the red (dual mod) that gives the biggest kick in the pants.and right where you really want it 4750 to 6500 rpm .its a 10 bhp increase at most and you will definately be able to feel that in day to day riding

Griffs bike has a different can and hooked box i know that much..he has a pc3 on it but its not custom mapped to the modded pipe these figures are as is ..bolted on..so with a custom map there could be more power to come

i can supply these on an exchange basis £110 .. thanks