Looking for photos of Greeves with Triumph Twins fitted

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Looking for photos of Greeves with Triumph Twins fitted

 I am looking for close ups of the engine mounting as I am thinking about buildoing one. The greeves I have is a 24MX5. Thanks

http://bill-samstag.tripod.com/greeves-grumph.htmlbit rubbish... really Classic Bike had an excellent article about a bike builder in Derbyshire called Dave somebody... he'd built a gorgeous Greeves- Triumph. Probably between 2001-2004. It was on the front cover of the mag, light blue tank with a black strap and an oval race number plate on the front. Magazine edition was a 'Triumph Special Issue'Magazine article autism strikes again

I just found the mag in my heap.... The issue of Classic Bike you need is March 2000, the man involved is Dave Ashton. Good Luck! I'll snap a photo or two, but you really should find the issu, very useful

I now have that bike, i am so lucky Dave was persuaded to sell it.  In the process of getting it re-commissioned

hi Freddy Boy, im looking for an engine to build one with my greeves rolling chassis do u know of any for sae also how do i get to see picks of yours apart from finding a mag that is, my e mail is ngldouglass@hotmail.com

I have one part completed in garage (its on the to complete list) I am looking for a source for exhaust pipes I really want to go inside the beam even if those round the outside miss the mudguard they dont look as neat. at the moment I only have twin down pipes available not too good for off road

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