loads of oil in engine, honda x8r scooter

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loads of oil in engine, honda x8r scooter

hey everyone, my first time in here but need some help with a scooter. i've been given it as it was sat in a garage for two years and with one hell of a clean its coming up well. the engine turns over ok but was literally spluttering oil out of the spark plug hole when i turned it over (with plug and exhaust off to see if it was seized).

is this just because it's been sat for two years, or is there an oil pump or something similar that could be broken?
what else is important to check if it won't fire up? it turns over ok but wont fire because there is so much oil in the engine. the petrol has been drained and changed with fresh.


Drain the oil and give it fresh oil? Perhaps it was seriously overfilled? Or whoever laid it up in the garage filled the cylinder with oil to protect it? (That sounds most likely TBH)

Well it a stroker i assume so oil change would not make much odds, was going to suggest what i did with a RD400 when it was flooded remove plugs put it in first run along with it with clutch in and drop clutch turns engine over faster, it should blow the oil out better. but it is most likely automatic so that wont work very well, maybe putting a bit of petrol in cylinder will help to move oil, remove the generator cover and put a socket and speed brace on the nut and spin it over (without plug in) faster Merv

ok cheers guys, turned it over with exhaust and plug removed and got the oil out.

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