Kawasaki 1989 zx10

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Kawasaki 1989 zx10

Any advice would help .

Thinking of buying one ,no nothing past chain adjustment.Would it be a disaster 're getting spares cracked rubbers,carbs ,fuses .

Any one ridden one,were they reliable,easy to ride

Why so few left,help me get some sleep,thanks Ted

zx10...back in the days, they were the father of the gpz600 and 550....also name the popular  ninja 600. the bike is reliable if you maintain it good.  they are also very heavy. i had one back in my days.....a black one.

Had one when they were the fastest production bike. Heavy? Yes, but not when you ride it. Pushing it is not an option ( I found out when I ran out of fuel) A slight vibration issue at about 4500 rpm if I remember correctly followed by a flat spot. This problem was never cured until it evolved into the ZZR 1100. Reliable in general but as will all heavy and fast bikes can eat tyres,chains and brake pads so it is worth looking after these.. I loved mine at the time but if i was you I would go for a ZZR 1100. Better in every way.

Thanks for the views but missed out on bike and spare parts an issue.Looking for old bike 3-4 k possibly v-twin or triumph that big bloody scooters and Evo 848 (this weekend) will hesitate at before blowing  me off the line .FZ6 and Thundercat just don't cut it. Always fancied CB900 or Katakana,Tl 1000,Trx but don't want reliability/electrical money pit problems but future classic investment that won't freak the strife out if I get a third bike.Any views by long term owners would be welcomed.Even contemplating SP 1/2.

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