Is harley davidson not considered as per speed

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Is harley davidson not considered as per speed

I was going through some articles and surprised to see Harley Davidson is not present in the list of top 10 fastest bikes in the world. I am always a Harley Bike lover and kinda dissapointed with this. I checked many similar articles however this is the one i read now . Source

Is it true? Please suggest on this.

you are having a laugh aren't you . the last thing Harley Davidsons are is fast its like being disappointed that wooden spoons have not appeared in a top 10 of dangerous weapons . they are what they are people who buy them are happy enough with their performance or else they wouldn't keep on buying them . they are build for crossing continents on  2 up with a lot of luggage  in style and comfort not winning the isle of man tt .   I have my old 1340 evo  for nearly 10 years and I aint ever selling it . its not fast but I get a real satisfying buzz from rideing it all day , it hits the spot like no sports bike ever could and I have had some 1000cc Japanese weapons in my time  and to get a good buzz out of them I felt like I was really pushing my luck on the public roads .

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